X, Present market value?

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Dino Ferrari2009-10-12 12:36

I have been commissioned by a friend to sell a paiir of speakers that I think are the above model. They date back to around 1978. Does anybody have an idea of their present market value? Does anybody have their manual?


Andy Szabo2009-10-13 02:30

A manual for the Model X is included on the Acoustat Manual CD available from this website.

The value of the speakers will depend highly on their condition, especially if they are equipped with the servocharge amplifiers. The servocharge amplifiers can be troublesome, but they are highly sought-after if they have been refurbished sometime in their life, and still work properly.

If you find the right buyer (usually local due to their large size), a prime pair of Model X\'s could sell for over $1000/pair. Even if the amplifiers don\'t work, they can still be rebuilt by Mike Savuto. A less than perfect pair could still fetch at least several hundred dollars.

Steve Marohn2010-09-16 05:58

I looked to sell my pair of Acustat monitors a little while back but would only bring $2000 at the time. Where could you relplace these for that kind of price with the amps in good shape? Decided to keep them, the last time I heard a speaker this good it was $10,000 with no amps.

Andy Szabo2010-09-16 22:12

The fact of the matter is that you CAN'T replace the performance of your Acoustat speakers with brand new speakers for $2000. But because the speakers are 20+ years old, the resale price will necessarily be less than what they would cost to replace. The fact that your speakers have built-in amplifiers makes matters only worse.

Which is why I always say that a pair of used Acoustats can't be beat for the price, if you can just convince someone to sell their old ones! Bad news for sellers but great news for buyers.

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