Spectra 2200, Convert a left array into a right one ?

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Maurice Chevalier2010-07-25 16:52

Hello Andy,

May be i made a mistake: i already post a similar ask in the "left and right" subject but it was not probably the right place. Sorry.

I hope you are still reading this forum...
I recently purchased a used "pair" of Acoustat Spectra 2200.
They please me but I'm not convinced by their sound stage and i've just discovered your answer to an old question about how to distinguish a left and a right array...
I didn't found any label to help me except those put by the former owner on the wood plates.
So i have to be sure i've got a pair or not.
The high frequencies (actually full range) appear to be coming from the inner edge of the left array but on the "right" one, they come from the outer edge...
I read on the 22 owner manual that one hole can be found to distinguish right and left arrays:
"Each is identified by a small hole (3/16" diameter) located in the top metal capture plate. The hole is on the left side of the left array and right side of the right array - when viewed from the listenning side ."
Is there a "top metal capture plate" on the 2200 ?
The only hole i found on my pair of 2200 was used to let wires coming from the interface to the array and it was on the same side.
I'm afraid i own two left arrays...
Is it possible to convert a left array into a right one ?

What do you think of that Andy ?

Best Regards,



Steve Zeeuwe2010-07-26 14:40

Dear Maurice,

I am pretty sure Andy still reads this forum, just not every day (as you already noticed).

I hope you have some patience!

Kind regards,


Maurice Chevalier2010-07-27 14:22

Dear Steve,

Thank you for these kind words.
I'm not in a hurry and i have some patience.
I'm aware that my question is not easy to answer.

Best regards,


Maurice Chevalier2010-10-24 14:29

Dear Andy and Steeve,

Do you think i should still wait for an answer to my question, even if it's a negative one ?
I really enjoy my pair of 2200 but i would like to know how i can improve this situation or if i should look for another "real" pair.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,


Steve Zeeuwe2010-10-24 16:53

Dear Maurice,

Thank you for your patience!

I will try to contact Andy directly to see if he has the time and will to answer your question. I will let you know as soon as Andy replied to me, but hopefully you will already have your answer by then.

Kind regards,

Steve Zeeuwe
The Audio Circuit

Andy Szabo2010-11-01 00:19

Sorry for the delay in responding - somehow your question escaped my attention. The small metal hole mentioned in the 22 manual does not apply to the 2200, since there is a wooden trim piece on the top of the 2200, instead of the metal plate used on the 22. (The same comment applies to the Models 33/3300.) Based on your description of listening for the position of the full-range sector, you have two left-hand speakers. The speaker on the right side needs to be re-wired into a right speaker.

I won't say this is easy to do, but it not impossible if you have some mechanical/electrical skill. You will be very happy with the results, I assure you. Go to the Acoustat main page, and scroll down to find the document entitled 'Spectra Sectoring and Color Codes'. This diagram shows the color codes for a right speaker. Note there will be no change to the red-striped bias wire. Basically you'll need to remove the pin-plugs from the connecting wires, and re-sort them into the order shown. To reduce the number of wires that need sorting out at one time, do the white group first, and then the blue group (or vice-versa). Because you'll need to see which panel each wire is coming from, you'll need to pry off the wooden trim and pull the grill cloth up. Most likely you'll want to replace the grille cloth - see the source under 'Available Parts'. My article on refurbishing my Spectra 4400's seems to be missing from the website, but I'll ask the webmaster to get it re-posted under my Technical Bulletins.

If that is not a sufficient description of the process to get you through it, do write again and I can provide more detailed instructions.

Maurice Chevalier2010-11-03 00:20

Dear Andy and Steve,

Your reply was one of the best news of the year !
So it's possible to convert a left array into a right one ! Not easy but possible !
I can keep my pair and change the socks at the same time.
I already asked to Ren Jenson for a quote...
I thank you for the diagram to re-sort the wires and i think your article on the 4400 will be helpfull too.
I'll tell you what i do as soon as i'm ready with the socks.
A big thank again !


Maurice Chevalier2010-11-18 21:23

And the Andy's decisive help gave back so much to the "false" pair of Spectra 2200...
Yes it's possible to re-sort the wires in the order shown on the document.
A friend of mine came at home with his soldering iron and some silver solder, we spent an afternoon to do that together and we had the joy to discover the changes !
After some listenings, we decided to place the Spectras on the same virtual line on the ground (carpet).
And yes, the sound stage and the music are here now !
No day without listening to them... I'll have to listen again my CDs including those on which I was only listening two or three tracks... because they just go easier from track to track.
The hard part was probably to follow each wire without mistake. The yellow pins had two wires that we had to separate themselves. I think we did a good job.
And you know what ? I received yesterday the new socks - genuine ones - for the Spectras professionaly sent by Ren and Shirley... amazing !
How can I thank Andy and Steeve ?
May be I could say how can each one here can thank Andy for his so precious help ?

Andy Szabo2010-11-19 12:21

Maurice - Thanks for the follow-up. Your success at getting your speakers fixed is all the thanks I need. My satisfaction comes from helping Acoustat owners keep their speakers running. Working at Acoustat was the most rewarding part of my career, and answering questions on the Audiocircuit helps me to re-live those glory years.

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