Spectra 1100, Bi Amping

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Dave Gallenberger2010-10-01 04:24

I recently acquired a set of Spectra 1100s that outlived their owner. They seem to have the wrong woofers. Playing them with a single input, not biamped, they are so bass heavy you can't listen to them. So I built an active crossover adjustable from 100-400 hz 12db/octave. Sounds very nice now. Very rich midrange. The first speaker I have heard that I would replace my Magnepan 2.5Rs with.

Right or wrong, I have bypassed the crossovers in favor of biamping. The sound seems tighter this way. I'm pretty sure it's OK to bypass the Woofer crossover components. I'm not so sure about the panels high pass cap. I bypassed that too. Could I damage the panels or transformers running this way?

I'm using an Ampzilla with 400w/ch at 4 ohms for the panels and Son of Ampzilla at 150 w/ch at 4 ohms for the woofer. These amps can drive 2 ohm loads with no problem. I may switch to the Son of Ampzilla and Grandson thinking 400w/ch is a bit much.


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