3, Acoustat Mk-121-2 interface hum

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Chris Terzis2010-10-11 20:30


I bought some model 3's and have been enjoying them for a few months. One of the interfaces has a hum. Only heard if music is off and if you go behind the speaker. I tried to plug it into other wall outlets on different circuits - same noise.

Tried tightening transformer bolts - seemed tight.

Can anyone suggest anything else - am I stuck with the hum unless I bring them in for service.
Is there anything else - do it yourself - that I could try first. Interfaces have Solen caps and cardas wiring and posts.

There are three paper wrapped transformers.

I can send a picture to an email id?

Appreciate any help - thank you . Chris


Chris Terzis2010-10-12 20:24

After looking at the interfaces and talking to another Acoustat owner I will be picking up some small rubber washers and installing them between the inside of th steel box and the screws where the transformers are mounted - in the hopes of isolating the transformer that is humming. I will remove the top of the interface box to get access. Before I do this I will also pick up a cheater electrical plug to see if it is a ground loop problem. Any suggestions or ideas ? Thx. Chris

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