Monitor 4, Analogue Associates still in business?

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Paul Chung2011-01-20 03:05

The links on the following page are no longer valid:,-Acoustat-X-Servo-Amp
I did find a pdf document listing numerous mods:
However the date of the document is August 1, 2004.
If they are no longer in business, is there anyone offering restoration/mods of the Servo amps?


John2012-04-05 13:59

I wonder about the same thing, there is Ken Ealey who works on them. You can find him on the net.

Luther Goodman2012-09-20 15:39

I have a pair of Acoustat Monitor 4s that are in need of refurbishing. If anyone knows of someone who is still in the business of refurbishing the speakers and the interfaces please post or send me a link...

best regards to all

Luther Goodman2012-09-20 15:44

Ken Ealey:



Ehous2012-12-23 16:09

I am almost certain analogue associates is still in business. Reply if you want me to look further into it. I have a heavily modded set of servos. I got most of the specialty parts from Mike. If any one is interested, I am copied ring selling them with a custom balanced input so I can fund the next acoustat build.

Acoustatanswerman2012-12-28 19:37

Try contacting Mike Savuto directly at:

Roy A. Esposito2013-09-06 12:16

Hello Friends --

This is just to let you know that my email contact
has recently changed. It seems AT&T/Yahoo could no
longer support my very old email address.
For those of you requiring fantastic restorations
and upgrading of Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and Acoustat Power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
my new email address is

(please notice the dots/periods between the words)

Email is the preferred method for initial contact with me
for Acoustat Service and questions.

Thank you for your continued friendship, kind comments and reviews,
and support of my work.

All the Best,
Roy A. Esposito

Michael Savuto2014-03-26 16:58

As has been said before, reports of our death are somewhat premature. As of March 26, 2014 Analogue Associates, LLC is alive and well. We are still in love with the Acoustat Direct Drive ServoCharge amplifiers, providing parts, upgrades and service on them as well. The old email address of is also still functional. We all have to keep the Acoustats alive!
Happy Listening,
Michael Savuto
Analogue Associates, LLC

Ken Kay2018-03-12 01:35

I've owned my Monitor Fours with Servo-charged amps since 1979....only maintenace was to change out the tubes and HV diodes in all these I need a T2 transformer....anyone? ideas?

Acoustatanswerman2018-03-13 11:39

Mike Savuto can be reached at I just heard from him last night.

Roy A. Esposito2018-03-27 14:50

Mike Savuto of Analogue Associates performs wonders with the Acoustat Servo-Charge
amplifiers and I refer all inquiries for this very unique direct-drive tube amplifier
to him.
Of course, I continue to offer expert Service / Upgrades / Improvements
for the Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces, the Acoustat TransNova Series
power amplifiers, and the three models of Acoustat preamplifiers.
All work is by reserved Appointment only and includes
a One Year P&L warranty.
I can be contacted at
Enjoy the Music !
Roy A. Esposito

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