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Ricky Miller2018-08-04 19:08

I hope I’m not imposing on your busy schedule but I have a peculiar situation and wouldn’t trust
anyone else’s thoughts on it.

I’ve located a pair of Spectra 66’s. The panels look to be all original. But somewhere along the way
the original owner must have had a problem with the MK-2146 interfaces. They now have
MK-2123’s that were supposedly sent to Kevin Ferris (Ohio) and he took those and modified them
to be MK-2146 interfaces. They do have “wall wart” power supplies and are single binding posts.

Do you know of Mr. Ferris’ work? and what are your thoughts of this modification?
I know, sight unseen, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.



Ricky Miller2018-08-04 22:11

Kevin Ferris should read Kevin Ferry

Acoustatanswerman2018-08-27 02:12

I have heard of Kevin Ferry, but know nothing about him.

Converting MK-2123's to MK-2146's is no simple task, as the two main audio transformers are different, as well as resistor and capacitor values on the high voltage board. If your current interfaces have only one set of binding posts, what happened to the second set of "woofer out" binding posts that would have been present if they started life as MK-2123's?

This is a real mystery to me...I would need clear photos of inside and outside before I could begin to evaluate if this was done properly.

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