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Spectra 66, Mr Andy Szabo -- Acoustat Spectra 66's

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Ricky Miller2018-08-04 19:08

I hope I’m not imposing on your busy schedule but I have a peculiar situation and wouldn’t trust
anyone else’s thoughts on it.

I’ve located a pair of Spectra 66’s. The panels look to be all original. But somewhere along the way
the original owner must have had a problem with the MK-2146 interfaces. They now have
MK-2123’s that were supposedly sent to Kevin Ferris (Ohio) and he took those and modified them
to be MK-2146 interfaces. They do have “wall wart” power supplies and are single binding posts.

Do you know of Mr. Ferris’ work? and what are your thoughts of this modification?
I know, sight unseen, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.



Ricky Miller2018-08-04 22:11

Kevin Ferris should read Kevin Ferry

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