1 plus 1, Can these be mounted on a cathedral ceiling?

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Tom Brew2019-01-20 01:22

I own a set of 1+1 speakers which have been storage for some time now. (My wife doesn't like their size and it "ruins" the decor of the room) I love her, but!!!
Anyway, I'm wondering if these could be mounted on a ceiling of about 45 degrees.Of course the interface/power supply would have to be located on the floor and wires run to the panels. Is this possible? Would they perform normally? Would they need to be spaced from the ceiling to allow for sound reflection?

What is the minimum power that I'd need for them?

I hope this forum is still active and there is someone out there that could help.


Acoustatanswerman2019-02-17 22:31

I really can't endorse your idea of hanging the speakers at an angle from the ceiling. They will certainly not perform the same: they really need at 2-3 feet behind the speaker (they radiate from both sides), and need to be "toed-in" towards the listening position. And due to the high voltage operation, it's not recommended to separate the interface box from the speaker. These are definitely not "put anywhere" speakers. You should sell the Acoustats and buy yourself a pair of wife-pleasing speakers that won't be so critical in placement. Wishing you continued domestic harmony AND good sound.

Tom Brew2019-02-18 23:16

I just read this to my wife, and during her laughter she said "I love this man."
Actually I totally understand the technical problems will most likely do as you suggest. Now I need a buyer. BUMMER!!!, but thanks for replying.

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