SW-176, info ,please?

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Verlinden Frederik2014-06-20 03:52

Please send me info of this speakers,how much Watt,etc..


Metin Can2017-02-12 20:29

15" Woofer
1 x 5.25" Midrange
2 x Horn Tweeter 2.4 x 4.15"
2 x Super Tweeter - 1.75"
26" High x 16.75" Wide x 12" Deep
Aprox 40 lbs each

Metin Can2017-02-12 20:34

AKAI - SW-176 Speaker System

Closed-cabinet, four-way system with 15" woofer, 5 1/2 mid-range, two 4" x 2" sectoral horn tweeters, and two l 3/4 x 2" super tweeters; 8 ohm impedance; peak power input 100 watts; nominal power input 40 watts; response 25-20,000 Hz; crossovers at 700, 5000 & 15,000 Hz; 6dB/octave & 12dB/octave network. Has tweeter and mid-range level controls; walnut wood cabinet. 16.7" x 26" x 11.6"

Metin Can2017-02-16 20:54

SW-176, Akai SW 176 crossover part and cable connections.
i have Akai SW-176 and i have crossover problem.
please help me.
maybe crossover and cable connections photos please.

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