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Ngala Anderson2010-05-07 10:12

is there an speaker model AX575MS


Raul Zhang2010-09-08 15:36

Yes, We are the AMPEX AX575MS manufacturer, now we have AX576MS, it has USB/Card reader function and FM Radio function

Moses Luande2010-10-14 16:27


Raulzhang2010-10-15 01:05

Price depend on order quantity, pls send mail to me

Festus2011-01-26 12:48

Are the new arrivals of ampex SUBWOOFERS installed with FM RADIO ORIGINAL??

Anthony2011-06-15 13:29

Have recently purchased ampex subwoofer.which is doing me well with my music,however have some small issue which am regusting if you can help me.some of the fm radio are not clear am kindly reguesting if you can help.

Kelvin2011-08-11 10:16

my sub fm radio is not working well-stations not clear

George2011-09-05 10:47


Oscar Simba2011-10-03 20:21

hi.i recently purchased ampex ax576ms,its great bt I cannot put full bass or somtimes just over half and the subwoofer starts to be overworked.is this normal?because I thnk 5000watts and big subwoofer has to have a lot to offer.

Joseph2011-12-06 11:24

is there a model of ampex AX529HT

Itals Wambugu2011-12-17 01:36

Where can i get ampex speakers

Marvin2012-01-02 09:38

My subwoofer doesnt produce asoft sound what might be the problem?

Michael M2012-05-23 19:22

How does one identify an original ampex woofers.

Itals Wambugu2012-05-24 17:54

Michael its better u buy a home theatre,woofers are shit.mi ni fundi i know alot abt em

Langat2012-07-15 15:25

i bought ampex AX575MS about two months and I have repaired it twice and are now spoilt again. In less than 3 weeks,after I bought, it was spoilt. I took it back 4 repair coz ilikuwa na waranty. I brought it back working. Two weeks latter, it spoilt again, and i took it back 2 where i bought. I brought it back on thursday 12 july bt they went off today again. Am even afraid 2 take it back the third time. I thnk these new models of Ampex are of low quality and this company need to seriously consider doing somthing about this or we buy other make of subwoofer that are of better quality. I am langat nairobi, and am so disgusted.0724118863.

Langat2012-07-15 15:32

please do something about these woofers coz you do not enjoy them at all. Some of mx friends are complaining too. The older models were of very high quality and when i was buying this AX575MS i thot they were gud too, bt am shocked. Just 2 months and am no longer using my woofers? What a waste of my money

Raulzhang2012-07-16 00:41

hello. we was AX575MS manufacturer, but we just made in 2010.
and our products S/N is from 2010080520001 to 2010080522020.
These 2020pcs AX575MS has very good quality. so when you buy, pls check S/N No.
if the S/N No. in this range, you will enjoy the quality
if not in this range, not buy.
after 2010, we never made AMPEX speaker, the buyer maybe buy cheaper product, but very low quality.
so open your eay

Jeremi2012-09-27 18:17

My AX575MS no longer receives fm signals.just the plain radio noise. what could be the issue.

Jeremi2012-09-27 18:17

My AX575MS no longer receives fm signals.just the plain radio noise. what could be the issue.

Raul2012-09-28 01:03

Do not buy this brand

Karanja Njoroge 2012-10-01 00:59

Is the FM radio on ampex Ax575ms full band 76-108mhz?mine is only receiving channels below 90mhz.what could be the problem?

Carol2012-11-01 09:38

i am shocked by all these comments. i bought this brand Ax575ms about two moths ago and it has already broken down. pathetic goods!

Bernard2012-11-10 08:35

I bought 2 sets of this model Ampex AX575ms 8 years ago because i love the sound produce on this speaker and it works properly up to now. I really enjoy for music listening. I hooked up with a psw125 sub, wow this speaker become bigger and it can really sing. If i still have a chance to find this 2.1 speaker still i will purchased. the SN no 1002003005753 which is ahead of what Raulzhang posted.

Nicholas2012-12-04 08:43

I bought ampex AX575MS in 2004. It is of very high quality and has served me well. This year in March, I purchased another original ampex AX575MS but this one is very terrible-it shakes badly when bass is adjusted to half! I believe ampex no longer produces any quality products. My advice to any who needs a subwoofer-avoid ampex. The earlier ampex models were the best.

Wachira2013-01-26 13:08

I bought mine one week only last Saturday 21.1.13 and is no longer working. AX597MS.
Useless item Do not buy at all.

Randy Ronoh2013-02-11 08:59

Why all these complains? My ampex 597MS is doing well.do not turn the bass to maximum because you might contribute to it's failure!

Randy Ronoh2013-02-11 09:03

Why all these complains? My ampex 597MS is doing well.do not turn the bass to maximum because you might contribute to it's failure! 0716118252. Frm kericho

Randy Ronoh2013-02-11 09:03

Why all these complains? My ampex 597MS is doing well.do not turn the bass to maximum because you might contribute to its failure! 0716118252. Frm kericho

Orem2013-03-23 06:42

i have AMPEX ax578ms subwoofer.it has some gradually developing hamming sound which goes on and on till the audio output diminishes as the unwanted sound prevails. what could be the problem? is it a genuine woofer?

David Oduor2013-05-11 08:17

Please i want to see the spare parts of AMPEX AX575MS sub woofer

Michael2013-05-28 11:52

Sorry folks, Ampex Woofer is shit. Do not even bother taking it to the fundi because it will keep breaking down. Come Luthuli avenue, r get u a genuine LG home theater for only 12,500. 0724658124

David Oduor2013-05-28 14:08

Can i get a power suply of dell computer anyone please help?

Michael2013-05-28 14:29

@David, whats the model/make of your Computer?

Chris2013-07-04 13:20

As 4 me my my ampex iz doin so well

Steve2013-08-04 16:52

What remote control can I use for my Ampex AX592MS? Is there compatibility with any other Ampex?

Chris2013-10-09 04:01

my woofer inatoa sauti ya kugwara gwaara imagn

Richard2013-11-14 08:01

Hello all

Ampex is a responsible brand.

My factory has very pleasant cooperation with such brands as AMPEX, SAYONA.

Our products were checked one by one on the production line, besides, we also offer 1% free spare parts when reparing needed.

If interested in importing subwoofers with your own brand, pls feel free to contact me at sales3@sztrustwin.com

Let us discuss more by emails.



Nelson Roy2014-01-11 18:55

Ampex AX 597MS is very nice and powerfull.Its really hot.

Nelson Roy2014-01-11 18:57

wea can I get the remote control of 597 MS coz mine is spoilt.0720134277

Eugene2014-01-12 07:11

I recently bought ampex ax613ms and the bass is not geting any higher even I increase to maximum it is just the same please help

Beatrice2014-03-18 07:35


I really need a fundi for my Ampex. It had a very good sound and it broke down after just 2 months. It was repaired and now the sound is very low. is there a fundi out there who can repair it? I wouldn't want to sell it just yet.

Langat2014-03-19 23:40

Hi beatrice, i think the fundi who repaired your woofer did not put the correct spares designed for your woofe. where are you? i can help

Eugene Were2014-03-20 01:18

Am proud of your services

Shaddy2014-04-08 13:20

please assist me with a website or somewhere i can get the circuit diagram for the ampex 375.

Shaddy 2014-04-09 18:50

sorry i meant ampex AX755MS. Who has a site from where i can get the circuit diagram or the schematic

Rictchie2014-04-16 10:45

I have an AMPEX AX575MS but i dont know how to tune to FM radio........kindly someone help me out

Otieno Matoro2014-04-26 00:55

i have ampex ax575ms its s/n 2010032900082 is ths thing genuine..am tired ov ths humming sound..pls help

Dr.wanjala Joshua2014-07-03 22:02

i bought my ampex 578ms last week, its sound and hardware is simply awsome. Infact iam re-selling it at 3500/- only.my phone number is 0707734457.you can telphone me if you are in need of it.m based at ganjoni mombasa.

Sammy2014-07-17 21:11

My ampex ax575ms does not produce any sound though power sigle is on! What might be the problem?

Sammy2014-07-17 21:12

My ampex ax575ms does not produce any sound though power sigle is on! What might be the problem?

Smithe5212014-07-19 01:37

Hi there! I could have sworn I've been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Nonetheless, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be bookmarking and checking back frequently! dgeaedgcadkkgeee

Pdter2014-07-30 19:20

is there a way of doing factory reset for ampex subwoofer? mine is always on standby and doesn't respond even to the remote or manual operations. Please help. Peter

Joshua Mutisya2014-10-28 16:08

Does Ampex have home theaters and if yes whats the price of the best one?

Smithc4892014-10-29 10:30

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John Arudo2014-12-14 07:08

Bought AMPEX AX360MS and after a few days, one of the satellite speakers failed to work unless you change the jacks. If that is done then the other speaker stops working. Secondly, every time you switch the subwoofer on, the volume starts at its loudest. Very embarrassing with neighbours around the estate.

Davixo T Marley2015-02-28 10:48

which is the most powerfull sayona woofer in the market and whats the price,watts and model number?

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