DCD-670, Owners manual

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Peter2007-08-20 19:06

Hi friends! I have a DENON DCD-680. I need an owners manual for it. If you have an interest I\'m ready to excange it for owners manual of my DENON AVR-2106 in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 format. Thank you very much!


Fred2016-06-05 07:00

Have a denon dcd-670 player that was given to me
Am looking for a schematic diagram
Found a 110k resistor soldered on the underside of the board to pins 4 & 42 of IC102 (a Sony CXA1372S)
C720's positive lead soldered to C312 & C721's negative lead soldered to C224
Is there anybody here who can tell me if that's the way it came out of the factory or has someone done that purposely?
It didn't work first time I plugged it in

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