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Richard Green2013-01-09 09:23

hey guys my name is Richard and I also have an A-1800 Cerwin Vega power amplifier the only problem is the solder joints I have found in the All of the vintage vega amps they crack mostly due to age in heat it's a very inexpensive fix but a lot of work you have to take the boards completely apart and look for cracked joints that connects to the main boards sometimes they are very hard to find but this can cause things such as 1 side getting hotter than the other side or 1 channels output may be lower than the other side and even 1 Channel may not work at all. I have had my totally redone several solder joints were found crack after the fix was done the amp works like new with the vintage power amplifiers they need a fan to cool them when they got hot excessive heat is the only flaw in a vintage power amp eventually all the solder joints will crack and will need to be redone the simple fix it after the redone to place a 3 speed power fan on the amps ventilation this way you can manually change the speed of the fan as needed the louder you play the power amplifier the higher you turn up the fan this will keep the internal transistors cool and prevent overheating this way you will keep the Amplifier another 40 years. Cerwin Vega vintage power amplifiers are the very best in the world with sound and power that is better than any amplifier ever made this is only for the US made vintage units only.


Richard Green2013-01-09 09:37

Leec I agree totally with your statement Cerwin Vega vintage power amps if you can find them sound better last longer than anything ever built they were made to be bulletproof.

Richard Green2013-01-09 09:48

Jackson 55 I purchased a new one I believe it was a CV 1800 after 2 weeks I sent it back it was made in China and it did not sound good at all I got one off ebay model A-2200 for about $190 the sound quality and separation of the channels was 1,000,000 times better than the one I sent back I believe Stanton group now owns to Cerwin Vegas line and yes they are made in China I really think that is so sad the old outweighs the new 10 to 1 I think the one I have is about 30 to 40 years old and still pumping out bass and blowing out speakers that are low quality they cannot handle the vintage power of Vega I'm going to purchase some better speakers to handle this beast any ideas.

Richard Green2013-01-09 10:04


Yes try ebay Cerwin Vega folding horns or some JBL ass kickers in the old days these are some popular speakers to handle the power of vintage Vegas power amps .

For the home you may need to go vintage vega home speakers also off ebay I really don't think anything new
can handle that power the new speakers of today can only handle low wattage amps don't waste your money if you buy a new speaker system and crank it up you will surely blow them out try some high powered vintage speakers off of ebay.

Richard Green2013-01-09 10:17

Man thanks I wll look for some off ebay that is who I got the Cerwin Vega A-2200 man it sounds great how could Cerwin Vega sell out to china the USA made the best audio in the world in the seventy's and eighty's I think Cerwin Vega was sold in Europe also for movies and disco clubs I remember Cerwin Vegas in Coney Island the bumper cars night club you could feel the music by beating in your chest the power was outstanding the Base Rock the whole way high quality was VINTAGE CERWIN VEGA POWER AMPS AND SPEAKERS.

Tom Mcman2013-01-25 11:07

I repair vintage power amps and I think that the Cerwin Vega Line of vintage units are indeed bullet proof.I not many power amps had the power and sound of the vintage Vega's and I have worked on many and yes most of the time it is the solder joints just like every one is saying.
After the repair I never seen that customer again some have called me to state that it has bee 10 years after the repair and they are still pumping along so all I can state is a fact that is CERWIN VEGA's VINTAGE POWER AMPLIFIERS ARE THE VERY BEST IN THE WORLD EVER MADE BY THE U S A
I only wish that they never stopped making them some times it is better to stay in the USA and
keep a good thing good than to sell out to China and make a good thing bad.
We all know that China makes everything and sell's it back to the US and it is all low quilty
junk with many names on it some say JVC or GEM sound or the new Cerwin Vega and Sony but all the same new junk no sound it is just sad indeed..

Paul Young2013-01-31 05:59

I just won a 3000i Cerwin Vega vintage Amp off of Ebay for $340 with shipping I think this is the
big one it has 14 output transistor I am just waiting for it to arrive.
When it gets here I will have it check out before putting my speakers on it if this thing put's out
what I think it put's out it will blow my speakers I JBL r490s they are old 12 inch home speakers I may need to up grade.

Patrick Filzamie2013-01-31 06:08

To the person who has the cv-3000i if you even turn that Amp on with the speakers you have you will blow them,this Amp is for professional use with very high output I think 500 WPC or more with a max output of 1000 WPC when this thing get's cooking it has been known to pop or blow the best of DJ equipment speakers.
Get your self some Cerwin Vega Vintage 18-inch Folding horns of JBL Ass Kickers I think Ampazilla
made so vintage speakers cheaper models but just as good check with ebay...

Mark West2013-01-31 06:15

You can try making some speakers like I did I made 6 15(inch) speakers and put all the parts inside
woofers horns tweeters and a cross over network and painted them black they sound great and look like I paid top dollar for them I just have one Cerwin Vega 400 power amp but it kicks I have had it now for 22 years I never needed anything els...

Davidleecoles2013-02-06 08:57

I just got an A-3000i cv vintage it has a huge hum no no output to the speakers but this violet humming suspect the power Coral or power transformer any assistance in this area would be appreciated

Davidleecoles2013-02-06 11:30

Patrick...Hey! Yall check the output transistors one or more my be bad .

Davidleecoles2013-02-07 01:47

The old vintage power amps from time to time dry up like the filter coil and the power transformer this would make a loud humming that is past the volume control this will keep any output from coming out to the speakers and upgrade in the noted parts are needed if you can find something close to that which was removed .

Art2013-02-09 04:42

Replaced all the filter caps, especially the 13,000 mfd caps. This will fix your buzzing problem.

Art2013-02-09 05:06

I can't edit, but the ones I'm talking about, look like 12 ounce beer cans. Also replace all the diodes on the preamp amp boards and two small 22mfd @ 16volt caps directly underneath the RCA inputs on the preamp board. Use non polarized. I cleaned the sockets and reseated the Darlington transistors also.

It's highly unlikely that this amp has bad transistors or a bad power transformer, the hum is going through the output transistors.

Whatever you do, DO NOT adjust the white disc controls on the preamp boards, mark their location with a sharpie BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, I can't stress this enough.

I did this, and my amp is now operational.

This amp is 450 watts stereo into 8 ohms.

Patrick, right now I'm actually using a 30 watt old organ speaker as my test speaker in an very tight air suspension set up, it's not happy, but it hasn't blown it yet, but I'm also not driving it at full power.

David2013-02-09 14:23

I took out the beer cans 13,000mfl we are going to replace It with a 15,000mfl 100vdc volts the hum is still coming out even after the filter capacitors have been changed looking to test all the output transistors and many diodes on the boards I am sure taking the boards out some of those little white knobs have been turned in error///also thinking the bad capacitors damaged some of the output transistors we with test them all and replace as needed Tom is a excellent audio technician repairman he has rebelt a Cerwin Vega a-1800 power amp and it has been on almost 17 hours per day sence.
Working like new he just re done a couple of bad solder joints that were on the pre amp boards thank god for Cerwin Vega power Amps....

Art2013-02-09 14:40


Start looking at solder joints and grounding issues. It's still unlikely it's power transistors because that generally lets the smoke out/kills the entire amp. Especially if both sides are humming. I'm not saying it couldn't be a problem, but transistors are usually all or nothing.

Also take a closer look at the other caps than the ones I mentioned. The ONLY other caps this amp has on the preamp boards.

Good luck.

David2013-02-09 18:21

Thanks hope to get this beast running soon I love CV vintage Amps.

David2013-02-10 05:42

We have tested the Amp and found 2 filter capacitors out 13,000mfd at 100 volts 6 output transistors 6 diodes all shorted my tech is tring to upgrade the capacitors to 15,000 mfd but having problems trying to find even the upgrade parts we are still looking.
The person that sold me this unit off eBay stated it was working well we all know to watch out for ebay items now I have already paid out $200 and its still on the workbench we will see if we can locate parts.

Art2013-02-10 13:29

the 13000 mfd caps are available on Ebay.

David2013-02-11 22:21

Where on ebay can't find them....?????

Art2013-02-11 22:24


Art2013-02-11 22:54

However, I must add, I did speak too soon and a brand new diode or small cap I put in was shorted and caused a cascade failure on one side.

So far, I've managed to find MOST of the smaller transistors, what worries me is that eight legged Darlington op amp.

What I really need is a schematic if anyone can help.

Thanks all.

David2013-02-12 02:52

you can find the schematic on google the a-1800 uses the same parts as the 3000i down to the filter capacitors my tech got his off google for free.

David2013-02-12 03:20

Also note that the A-1800 has 10 output transistor per side and the 3000i has 14 per side every thing els is the same down to the transformer I have a A-1800 running now my A-3000I is being rebuilt. IT HAS SHORTED FILTER CAPACITORS THEY MUST HAVE DRIED UP THEY TOOK OUT SOME OUT PUT TRANSISTORS WITH THEM IT STARTED WITH A LOUD HUMMING NO SOUND OUT TO SPEAKERS THIS WAS ON BOTH CHANNELS PAST THE VOLUME POT MY TECH IS BUYING THE 15.000MFD AT 100 VOLTS FROM A COMPANY ONLINE $50 per filter we have a 2200 for parts to get the output transistors out of and some diodes the filters are new from California his is where you may have to look for yours...Good Luck.

Art2013-02-12 03:49

Found the correct actual schematic for this.

Here's a source for that OP amp/Integrated circuit


The FPN2484 is alternatively an MPSA09.

Was he not able to get the 13000mfd link on ebay?

just do a search for 13000 mfd

David2013-02-12 22:35

that sounds great good lu ck in your repairs

David2013-02-13 00:58

Qsc power amps are us made to what do you think about the vintage 1400 model this thing kicks doesn't have the separation like Cerwin Vega though but still a good sounding amp until my 3000i comes home hopefully this week.

Art2013-02-13 04:37

Earlier QSI were really good, they were in high demand for movie theaters because they could easily handle a 2 ohm load.

David2013-02-13 15:16

Cool have have just picked up 2 from ebay as back up power amp for the club scene the power is great sounds like much more then 200 watts but the sound separation from channel to channel in stereo Cerwin Vega has the best in sounds separation and power the qsc really sounds like it's always had mono but if you are in a club or outside playing music no one will notice this but I would I have not found nothing to compare with Cerwin Vega vintage power amplifiers sound and separation is superb I've never heard anything like this before and many years and I've had many power amplifiers the best power amps I think in the world are the Cerwin Vega VINTAGE POWER AMPS ALL MODELS.

David2013-02-13 15:20

Sorry about the typos.....

Master Of 12013-02-14 06:08

QSC 1400 is a good work horse the power rating is underrated I believe these things max out at 450 watch the channel at 8 ohms and 900 at 4 as they warm up they start to gain in output watts but they have been known to clip if over driving for long periods Cerwin Vega old school models do not clip they just get louder and blow speakers that are unable to handle its power. I am looking for one now on ebay not interested in the new models a2200 or a1800 would be great but these things are getting harder and harder to find and if you find 1 how much will it be for the up grade repairs and can you still find parts for the old models everything today is digital and digital does not sound that great what made these power amps sound so great was the transistors they used.

David2013-02-14 08:03

Transistors sound better than any Digital unit/ Digital parts are good for TVs and computers but not for sound output for amplifiers and radios transistors make sound quality superb in which Cerwin Vega of the old days made the best parts and they are bullet proof today people do not know what real sound quilty is and just buy what is cheap we nolonger make anything of good quality

David2013-02-14 08:46

what do you guys think about the Macintosh vintage power amplifier I know they have a lot of bass but I don't think the highs are good enough /separation from channel to channel left to right it's also hard to detect it's a nice heavy amplifier but I just don't think it has the punch of Cerwin Vegas vintage line of power amplifiers compared to Macintosh A1 Series power amp.
I have a 1977 Cerwin Vega A600 power amp this thing is huge and heavy hard to move from place to place crank this 1 up and the walls will cave in 1 power amp 8 /15 inch speakers four folding horns and we are nowhere near the amps full output capacity I just don't understand why they don't make anything like this anymore people need to wake up and stop by and junk and return to the vintage audio lets start to make the US great again by remaking the old vintage amplifiers again using the old technology of transistors.

Michael J Junior2013-02-14 09:01

Hey you guys are killing me with these statistics of these vintage amplifiers and transistor that make better quality sound. Digital is lighter and more common today no big heat sinks but small mini fans to Cool the amp units I just don't think people are really into sound quality today I just don't think it makes that much of a difference old school new school if it works play it.

Davidleecoles2013-02-15 06:18

I think sound is a main factor in any audio system noise can kill the ears and loud noise kills every ones ears that hear it for many years high end sound systems have played a great part in our lives and the amp is very important in recreating the sound of music: in the home or night club or any where music is played is should be free of distortion and sound like it's live I feel Cerwin Vegas vintage audio has achieved this.

Davidleecoles2013-02-15 06:33

Well we just replaced the filter capacitors in the a3000i and now working hard to find the vintage 7635 output transistors 6 are needed to replace the 6 that are bad wwe can not find them if we do not find them we will have to change all 14 and to keep the balance we will have to change the 14 on the other side as well with all the same output transistors that we can find that have the same number with the same voltage this would take more time and money and the chance that it will not sound the same of that amp . We will try hard to keep this amp at factory specs and not replace the outputs with newer ones that may or may not work .

Art2013-02-15 22:20


As far as transistors go, the ONLY difference are the very first ones that had germanium in them. The sound is more like a tube amp. This amp is much later than that.

I'm researching also because I might need the xsistors as well.

David2013-02-16 05:39

Google what you need we have found all the vintage parts we needed from the google search engine I was surprised to know that there are many factories that's still have Vintage electronics on their shelves we have located two filter capacitors and all 6 7563 output transistors and 4 diodes we also had to re solder broken solder joints that were on the input boards base at the slide connectors rear it would seem that this was the cause of the short that and dry old filters well good news all the parts are in and the amp is online a rebuilt Cerwin Vega A3000i every thing works power on bass out this is one hell of a power amp now home and running 8 15 inch Cv2000 500watt spearkers 8 horns and 8 tweeters and 8 mids this Amp is awesome and well worth the 400 dollars put into it we replace 2 bad 13,000MFD at 100volts with 15,000 MFD at 100 volts was not too hard to find on Google just type in vintage electronics and parts you will find many companies still stock the vintage parts for all amplifiers made in the US it was hard searching but you can find it some companies are out of California this is where the power amp was made and parts can be located there for this amplifire. Now we know these things can be restored and for a small amount of time and money you can get a little vintage in your home easily that would probably last our lifetime sound it's important quality is important the USA was great in the vintage audio years lets keep it alive.

David2013-02-16 05:56


Art2013-02-16 13:56


Could you please do me a favor and post the links here for the parts?

David2013-02-16 14:51


David2013-02-16 14:54


David2013-02-16 14:56

There is 1 or 2 more my tech has soon as I get with him I will post them.

Pat2013-03-15 06:36

Hey guys I have a Marantz vintage Amp model M-160 power Amplifier it states on the back that it was made in the USA in 1977. My friend gave it to me 8 years ago it was working great but now the sound is starting to fade in and out on both channels.I checked my wires and my CD player all checks out good. So now what is my problem I opened the Amp and I did not see anything burned no smell of smoke it just started. Any info on this will be helpful they did not make to many of these I do hope it can be fixed please post info thanks.

Art2013-03-26 13:25

I finally got my Cerwin Vega back from the tech yesterday. He ended up rebuilding both preamp boards and used the IC version of CA3100 (the six legged Darlington). He also had to replace CA1A09, a cap, and some burned resistors.

I actually have a history with this amp, is was my Middle School amp. It belonged to the school and I used to DJ the Middle School dances with it. Of course I sneak it home for "cleaning" when I was 11 years old and rock the house. I ran it through a pair of Peavey SP1 (the big as a Buick versions from the late 70's)

It sounds like what I remember and it definitely fills my speakers with authority (Cerwin Vega E715, home theater setup with 15 inch woofers, mids and tweeters). HOWEVER, I will also say that my 100 watt tube theater RCA's that I usually listen too, seem to be quite a bit better and dare I say, quite a bit cleaner with a more upfront, warmer sound.

Here's the specs on the RCA (Model # SA1000(this amp uses 6550 in push pull)

100 watts @ less than 2% THD

from 50 to 20,000 cps

110 watts @ less than 5% THD

170 watts @ 400cps

238 watts max instant power.

Noise Level

Signal to noise- 93db

One of the main differences I've noticed, incredible as it sounds, is in the bass. While the C-V definitely has the solid state thump and solidarity, the RCA KNOCK STUFF OFF THE WALLS. This is not a exaggeration. They knock the phones off the bases, they knock books over on shelves. The CV just kinda loafs along in comparison.

The RCA also have an extended sense of high end, with good detail.

Anyway, just thought I would share.

Pat, take your amp to a tech that deals with vintage equipment. More than likely, it's time for a rebuild. Don't wait too much longer, you are asking for a catastrophic failure.

Davidleecoles2013-04-01 11:49

I my self have the opposite effect my a1800 and a3000i have cracked windows not stuff off the shelves up stairs and in the basement you may need to have a preamplifier to assist in the boost of the pre application direct sound input on any power amplifier is much lower than pre amplified. I have my CV on my TV DVD player
And computer. I have never a RCA out perform a Vega vintage amp you may need to update your preamplifier if you are using one. are you sure you if you use the right preamplifier such as a professional 1 you will see and hear the difference Cerwin Vegas vintage power amps are the best in sound the best in high watts and the best in low distortion watts increase as the demand of volume does.
I would surely update my pre amplifier a maybe to a pyramid professional preamplifier they have their own separate bass treble add mid controls And will assist in the output of quality sound.

Art2013-04-01 13:50


These are RCA TUBE amps.


(Mine are bit less dusty)

The preamp is a Harmon Kardon AVR 520 Home Theater receiver with preamp outs, it feeds a ART 343 commercial grade EQ that drives the RCA at about +6DB before clipping. The system gets louder quicker on the RCA, it seems to have more control.

While my speakers aren't audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, (Cerwin-Vega E715, 15 inch woofer, 4 inch mid and tweeter) they do okay as far as frequency response goes. With the RCA, there's a sense of "air" or with a classical music recording, the sense of actually being there in the room with the orchestra, that's missing with CV.

I've driven the CV amp before with a commercial preamp. See, this CV was my Middle School amp. I used it to DJ dances for my middle school when I was 10,11, and 12 years old. ( The amps belonged to the school and they drove a pair of giant Peavey SP1, the big as a Buick ones) I was very familiar with it. In fact, I would occasionally take it home at age 11 and rock the house.

Sorry though, as far as I'm concerned, the RCA's are MUCH better amps for general listening.

Davidleecoles2013-04-01 23:13

Well To each his own I've been a professional DJ for over 30 years night clubs like the Copacabana and the Down Under in New York City I used 18 inch Vega folding horns and the A2200 and the A3000i vintage power amps and it always had live quality sound.

Davidleecoles2013-04-01 23:36

Art may I ask what model vintage vega power amp are you using what model number.

Art2013-04-01 23:57

CV A3000I

I had to have this unit rebuilt after a catastrophic cascade failure on the right preamp board. The tech ended up using modern IC replacements for the CA1000? Darlington preamp (silver six legged xsistor) He also had to replace one half of a transistor pair. When I get back home (not at home at moment), I'll look on the back and get you the serial number.

The other problem that I'm having with it is the RCA connectors on the back of the amp are completely worn out. I want to change them to Cannon/Microphone style which are far more stable, but I don't know if it's possible.

I do plan on using this amp at an outdoor gig next month.

Art2013-04-02 01:30

Serial number is 3816

David Lee Coles2013-04-03 11:03

well I think we covered all there was to cover on these great vintage power amplifiers made by Cerwin Vega they have great sound there are extremely powerful they have good quality parts inside and are long lasting amplifiers I believe these are the best amplifies ever made the vintage Vegas.
we can see that most of the parts inside these beautiful power amps are mainly the same they just add more of them to increase the wattage and performance we also can see that these amplifiers are made out of solid steel and will last forever we also note that we have to place a fan on top of the vents to keep the internal parts cool this was but like I said this situation is easily corrected with a6 to 8 inch turbo fan easily be purchased from Walmart
what causes damage to these beautiful amplifiers especially in the A-3000I this amp was designed with external heatsinks as well as internal heat sinks with an additional 4 output transistors on each side on long with 10 on the outside of both channels you add the heat from the VU meters lights along with the power transformer and you got 1 big heat box. with this type of design we can see why these amplifiers usually shorted out after many years of playtime the internal parts were made to handle the heat but it was not made to handle it indefinitely.
Most of the time on this specific model they had to change out the output transistors and sometimes the input boards due to the excessive heat from the internal heat sinks along with the external heatsinks along with the huge transformer and the heat coming from the transformer you also had the internal VU meters lights which also gave off a lot of heat sometimes you could fry an egg on the top of 1 of these power amps but like I said this situation is easily corrected with a 6 to 8 inch turbo fan easily purchased in many retail stores.II keep the fan on low on mines until I crank it up and that's when I turn the speed up the higher the volume the more fan speed I turn up.

David Lee Coles2013-04-03 11:24

sorry about the many typo errors on the above forum I'm using an Android phone and we're having many difficulties posting. This will be my last post on this forum I hope everyone can get something out of what I placed here in reference to the great vintage Vega power amplifiers I believe that they are the best audio built in the United States I do not believe that there is any amplifier out there that can compare to the quality of the vintage Vega's as I have stated find one and comparelisten for yourself and compare for yourself you will see as I do Cerwin-Vega rules. please note that all of the above forum posted were made by lovers of vintage Vega power amplifiers and the help info is only intended to keep the Vega alive.

Art2013-04-03 14:09

All I want to add is that VU lights actually put out very little heat they are 6 volt indicator types. My amp sits idle and powered up for a good portion of the day, and it barely gets warm to the touch.

As for the fans, you don't need to run two speed depending on how loud you have it. Especially in a home situation where you'll use maybe 30% of the total output. When I used this amp as a kid, I distinctly remember I put a fan on it when we used it to to play the dances. However, under most circumstances when I was using it at home, I didn't need to. I'm finding the same holds true now.

BTW, if you are using these in a nightclub situation, make damn sure there's plenty of breathing room around it. And while I understand your love for these amps, they are almost 40 years old, find a suitable backup just in case. It's just plain common sense. I use tube amps my main DJ setup, and I carry replacement tubes as a matter of fact.

You should also be aware that you can daisy chain speakers for a 4 ohm load, and get 500 watts out of one side for a total of 1,000 watts.

David Lee Coles2013-04-04 02:04

HEY ART I HAVE A (A1800) as a back up and I use 8--15 inch folding horns stacked up two in every corner of my living room the A-3000i is pushing them with no problem.
But the draw on the amp even at low volume get the amp warm and hot at long play time I use 2 honeywell 3 speed turbo fans the are 8 inches each and keeps it very cool as for the VU lights they are GE bulbs and if you take one out you should see the number if not my tech can get them for youhis in for is in this forum.
My VU lights do get hot there are 2 lights per meter I touched one while cleaning inside the amp and it burned me so they do pull some heat I do not no why the one you have is not getting hot the internal heat sinks cooks the inside parts and they dry up fast but the fan stops all that.
When you play things loud and long you will see that the vintage Vegas are the only way to go I have only had to repair 3 of them in 33 years and the repairs we're all the same loose solder joints and the filter capacitors if you replace the ever 25 years you should not ever have a problem with these vintage units made by Cerwin Vega.

Art2013-04-04 21:15


I need you to run a test for me please, remember this is A3000I. I've noticed that on some loud heavy metal songs, the VU meters are peaking about 40%, which equates to about 150 watts, but the red overload lights flash briefly when the bass hits. Is this normal? The song I was listening to is Fantasy by Aldo Nova. I've played this song before as a kid through this amp, but I don't remember at what point the lights flash.

When does the overload lights flash on yours?

State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 01:29

Art there's not too much bass in rock music try something from Bob Marleythen we do your test the peak meters very rarely come on unless the amp is putting out at least 50 percent or more you will need to play something that has heavey bass to see those big red lights move.

State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 01:34

Art sorry this samsung hand device sucks at typing try playing any Jamaican music will do Bob Marley usually has tremendous bass in his LP's I never see my red lights come on unless my amplifier is at 50 percent output or more this is normal.

Art2013-04-05 01:40

That might be what's happening. Heavy Metal and classical music are the hardest on amps. I am running it loud enough to reach at the very least, 1/4 output, which the meters are registering.

I'll think I know more with the outdoor gigs coming up.

The plate current goes up on my tube amps when I play hard rock, it causes the blue glow in the tubes to flash.

State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 04:07

Hey Art I do not know much about tube amps I am a solid state man the A-3000i you have is alreadt worth $1000 on the open market keep it because a rebuilt one will be much more.
I seen one on ebay for $750 in working condistion a rebuilt one with a two year warranty will go for much more.
People are starting to pull back from the new digital audio due to the poor sound quality I purchased a Yamaha state of the art amplifier system for about $2.700 and sent it back in two weeks because it sounded like garbage no separation it always sounded like it was in mono and the sound quality was flat and poor it had no wait to it at all I believe it was just 11 to 15 pounds now for the A-3000i it is about 75 pounds at least thank God I have handles on mine.
I have four power amps in my living room on a stack rack 2 CV vintage amps and 2 QSC 1400 amps the only one on line is my A-3000i all my life I wanted this amp as child and a young adult but I could not afford it.
All my life as a Dj and a master of sound for many night clubs and disco techs in the big city THE VINTAGE CERWIN VEGA POWER AMPS had the best quality outstanding sound I've ever heard the power and bass and mids and highs would blow your mind.
We have junk now in the audio world and people are starting to wake up to the vintage world of Vega.

could not afford it back in 1978 new it was $2.200 in New York and that was big money back then now I am 50 years young an X DJ from new york and I played in many night clubs and disco techs in the big city and in all my life in the audio error

books not find one or 41

State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 04:40

We are still having typos I will try and typ text and not to talk text as I have stated I have been a vintage Vega power amp man for 33 years and still with it today I am letting the world remember the greatness of Cerwin Vega the ones built by CV are made in the United States of America the state of California all the newer ones are msde in China they have the name lable cerwin vega but they are stanton power amps not the real CV the owners of CV destroyed all the copies of the manufacturing and buildings of the original power amplifier than sold the company to Stanton.
Stanton has there amps made in China and they are poor InDesign and Quality and are made cheap I had a cv 900 and the cv2800 I almost started to cry when I turn these amps on and heard the bad sound coming from them it was s sad day for me but I returned them both with s letter of unhappyness.
People need to wake up and stop buying junk I know some Philthy rich people that have old vintage Marantz receivers powering there audio system with the old M200 vega amp as the power amp.
These people could buy anything but used to stick with the vintage audio of Vega

State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-05 04:46

that statement should have been choosen to to stick with vintage Vega.

Art2013-04-18 23:04


I need some information from you and it's relatively urgent.

On your A3000I, I need to know the size of the main fuse, the one in the middle. Just pop it out, it will say something like 3AG or 8AG followed by a number, or just give all the info off the fuse.

I'm going to have to depend on this amp for an outdoor gig tomorrow, and I think the wrong power fuse is installed. I need to make sure it's stable.


Davidleecoles2013-04-19 04:51

Art you can change those RCA output jacks on the back of the amp with the gold plated RCA output jacks which you should be able to picked up at any music shop or radio shack. you simply unscrew the ones that are on the back of the amp and put the new ones in then resolder the tips to the wires
also if you do not wish to do any of that input soldering you can get some gold wire connectors that are RCA lockons they plug right into the RCA jacks that you have on the back of your amp plug them in and turn them to lockon I would keep them in and never remove them from the amp side just from the input side this will fix your problem.

Davidleecoles2013-04-19 05:20

Art the power fuse is a 20 amp fuse at 120 volts glass old style any music shop or radio shack may have them if all fails I have used a 25 amp 12v car fuse it worked just as good but only for the power fuse not for the speakers they will need the 8 amp fuse number AC8 120v but again if you can not find it you can use a 15 amp car fuse I have done so with this amp and I placed two in line 15amp fuses on the left and right speaker output terminals as back ups to protect my speakers this was tech approved but they have never blew and if you have a gig make sure you put a high speed fan on top of the amp and keep it on high and it will never get hot at any volume. This worked for me but I cannot take responsibility for you and your situation for I am not clear if your internal parts are the same as mine after the rebuilding of your amp the parts in my amp are new updated replacement parts the numbers are higher scaled parts than the ones removed they also have greater value so they'll be able to take more amps and Watts and volts.

Davidleecoles2013-04-19 05:29

I just poped mine out and rechecked it and it states AC.20A.120V this is the center power fuse.....

Davidleecoles2013-04-19 05:34

Speaker fuses red and black pop out for the right and left side are AC.8.A.120V

Davidleecoles2013-04-19 08:33

Art you can change those RCA output jacks on the back of the amp with the gold plated RCA output jacks which you should be able to picked up at any music shop or radio shack. you simply unscrew the ones that are on the back of the amp and put the new ones in then resolder the tips to the wires
also if you do not wish to do any of that input soldering you can get some gold wire connectors that are RCA lockons they plug right into the RCA jacks that you have on the back of your amp plug them in and turn them to lockon I would keep them in and never remove them from the amp side just from the input side this will fix your problem.

Davidleecoles2013-04-19 08:35

Art time hope I got back to you in time please let me know.

Art2013-04-19 12:00

Thanks David,

The RCA connectors will get through this one gig. I'll make a run to Radio Shack or AutoZone later this morning and pick up the correct fuses.

I'll probably end up replacing the RCA connections with either cannon (microphone style input) or 1/4 in jacks depending on how much room I have. We'll see how this gig goes first.

As for the internal parts, the tech used modern equivalents on the preamp board, the output transistors are the originals. I tested the amp last night with a pair of old school Peavey SP2 and the power is definitely there.

It should get through this one gig.

Thanks again.

Art2013-04-20 02:38


Thank you for your help. The C-V just cruised right along. The amp did get warm toward the end, but the ambient temperature was cool enough to keep from having issues.

It definitely ran full output the entire night (3.5 hours) and this is the first time it ran full output continuiously in probably 25 years. What started off as an Elementary school Spring carnival became more or less a street dance as the night wore on.

It definitely filled the void left while my RCA's are at the shop getting things done.

Anyway, thanks again.

David2013-04-20 04:35

Great I hope to pull a gig up soon to I live for vintage Vega amps if kept cool things may never go bad I still have the A-1800 CV vintage with all the original parts it just had some bad solder joints that had been re soldered thats all this amp was one of the first CVs made in California USA the date stamp on the back States(((( April 7 1970)))) it has never been serviced all parts are the original factory parts just hopping from the A-1800 to the A-3000i it would seem the parts are exactly the same just more of them in the 3000.

Rod2015-02-28 16:21

Best amp CV made was the A400. I worked at Cerwin-Vega for nine years when they were located in North Hollywood and Arleta California. Everything was built in house in those days. The speakers and the amps could not be beat. Years 1976 - 1985. The amps do have a typical problem with the solder cracking at the connector end points on the pre-amp and amp boards. Cannot beat the low distortion and quality sound these amp produced. Was sad to see the company sell out to the Stanton group

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-04 06:40

Well station sucks and so does they amps the sound quality is atrocious the sound spectrum is garbage zero separation thrown together in sweat labs in China.
I recently come across a receiver that sounds better and has more power than the Cerwin Vega 3000 I and the 1800 believe it or not it's the Onkyo 4500 mark two receiver It blowed me away it has an extremely high output and a strong base virtually the sound quality along with the power capacity outperforms the Cerwin Vega power amps 100â I was extremely sad to find this out but here's you must listen to one for yourself it's powering 8 Vega kickass speakers all by itself with no preamplifier no equalizer it's extremely awesome I cannot believe it how can a receiver sound so damn good is beyond me and I never thought I'd find myself saying this.

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-04 06:54

it has been said that the Onkyo 4500 receiver has 65 watts per channel and 300 Watts overall I find this extremely difficult to believe its powering four 12 inch Cerwin Vegas and 4 15 inch altogether wied and hooked up at 8 ohms per channel
we all know that any Cerwin Vega power amplifier has more watts than 65 per Channel so I must come to the conclusion that the Onkyo people in 1970 underpowered the rating of this amplifier in order to sell them at a higher mass still there is absolutely no way this receiver has 65 watts per channel or 300 per channel total output my conclusion is that the amplifier inside of this receiver is totally awesome.
For if I was to really push this thing it would indeed blow out every one of my speakers.

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-04 07:04

I'm talking about the Onkyo 4502 series I open one up it has a huge power transformer with very small filter caps 1200 uf with only four output power transistors on a small heatsink board that is internally fastened inside the amplifier it does have an extremely large preamplifier built in an awesome receiver this unit is extremely heavy and big I have nothing else to say except I am amazed the Japanese technology back in the seventy's was had some extremely well made things out there other than Pioneer Sansui and Mitsubishi Onkyo was underrated and it should have been given the recognition it deserves to be one of the best and better power amp receivers out there it could hold its own and it was extremely well made and had a hell of a lot more power than a lot of these power amps we have today that were of the vintage age.

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-04 07:06

Typo Onkyo 4500 Mkll

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-13 07:51

well there is good news I have compared the Onkyo 4500 mark 2 with the cerwin Vega 1800 power amplifier I found the Onkyo receiver to put out just as much power if not more as the Vega 1800 I am very impressed with this receiver the same quality the power is awesome no distortion whatsoever this receiver is one of the best of its kind the 4500 mkii is pushing 4--12 inch kickass Vega speakers a Long with 4--15 Vega speakers they are kick ass speakers design to push concert hall music this receiver by itself stands alone and I can only go a quarter of the volume the sound quality is like a $5,000 power amplifier I'm so mazed with this receiver I have nothing to say negative against it I wish I would have brought this sooner before I purchase the Cerwin Vega power amplifiers even though Cerwin Vega is a vintage amp it still can not hold the power as this Onkyo receiver does Wow what the hell is going on Onkyo vintage 4500 mkii receiver is pulling out more watts and power than the Vega 1800 I am I'm amazed I will use this receiver to DJ at the night clubs and parties from now on you get one and hear it for your shelf the VINTAGE ONKYO RECEIVERS ARE HIGH OUT PUT WATTS but I very much underrated the wattage per channel has to be 350 to 400 watts per channel output power simply awesome.

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-13 08:19

It is extremely hard and difficult for me to compare the Onkyo 4500 mark 2 with the Vega 1800 I in the aspect of power watts and performance the Vega is made of solid steel extremely heavy and extremely high powered never had a problem DJing at any party we're is was not being heard a mile away from the parties actual existence now to find a receiver that can stand alone with no pre amp and equalizer just plug it in directly and play your music at the same watts or even with more power watts than the Vega 1800 this is so amazing and hard for me to say I have been through a lot of amplifiers and receivers and never has had one impressed me as much as this Onkyo vintage 4500
These are the receivers that I have testee Marantz RCA Sansui techniques pioneer Mitsubishi Yamaha Montgomery Ward Denon and the list goes on and on with until the vintage 4500 mark 2 being at the top of the line in performance output wattage and sound quality along with separation makes this the number one receiver that I've ever had or tested well beyond the quality of those above noted we know that the vintage stuff is mush better than the new and solid-state transistors sound 1000% better than any digital system on the market today we need to come to the conclusion the solid state transistors sound much better last way longer than any digital system today they just throw away new receivers that go bad but the vintage era you would keep them and they would continue to last 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years sometimes maybe a lifetime which brings me to this conclusion it's better to repair the old which sounds better and will last longer did the purchase a new habit of year to blow it up throw in the garbage and be looking for another new receiver or power amp let's stick with what works the vintage solid state parts the sound quality and performance outweighs any digital system on the market today there is no comparison you be the judge test for yourself you'll come to the same conclusion as I did the vintage audio is the best audio ever made or ever will be made.

David Lee Coles Sr2015-03-13 09:23

I just needed to add this many people have asked why does there receiver sounds better or has more output power after the amp / receiver warms up some have answered this and stated to leave the audio on all the time so it will always be ready when you are.
Here is the correct answer for all vintage solid stated amps/receiver's the answer to the question is yes most solid-state transistors have to warm up in order to produce maximum output most of the time it will take around 5 to 10 minutes for them to reach peak performance there is no need to leave the receiver/ power amp or amplifier on all the time simply turn it on 10 to 15 minutes before you're ready to listen to it and then you'll be fine after you're finished listening to it turn the unit off leaving the unit on with shorten the life of the unit and cause transistors to eventually overheat and burn out so always when not in use during turn the amplifier off.

Tom Mchonies Cerwin Vega Amp Repair (706)-793-10992015-04-15 14:47

Vintage Cerwin Vega power Amps are SOLD STATE Amps and are worth the money to fix most of them have bad solder joints that may have come lose over time or due to heat I put a 3 speed turbo fan on my Vegas and they are now 40 years young and still PUMPING out bass and sound just like they are new after any repair they should last a life time or 2 given you put a fan on top and always turn the speed up on the fan as you play harder.
Make sure your speakers can handle vintage out put power of a Cerwin Vega or POP goes the fuse and the speakers I use a in line fuse of about 15amps on each channel of the speaker connection to protect my speakers from blowing out due to over out put power Cerwin Vega is known for high out put power so be careful you may obtain a CV vintage power amp from the 70s from EBAY there are many still around.
I just got my hands on a ONKYO 4500 MKII receiver and WOW! this thing kicks ass it is also from 1977 and has more power than any receiver I ever seen or heard it is pushing 8- 15"inch CV Vintage ASS KICKERS speakers with the loudness button on I can only go 25% on the volume and you feel the power in your chest so if you can not afford a vintage CV power amp please get the vintage ONKYO 4500 MKII receiver it has a power amp inside it with a huge preamp and large heat sinks and is very big and heavy this indeed is one of the good ones.
You can get one on EBAY for $150 or less but you will be happy you did will that all today from the Power Amp repair people please call us if you need us and remember if we can not fix it it can not be fixed....:):):)

Mcmahon's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Master Repair Center.2016-10-01 19:34

Master repair technician time at the above location and phone number will repair your Cerein Vega vintage power amplifier and fix it right the first time.

Mcmahon's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Master Repair Center.2016-10-01 19:35

Master vintage Cerwin Vega repair technician

Mcmahon's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vegaâ vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.2016-10-02 04:58

The Cerwin Vega vintage power amplifiers are one of the best things made in the USA but this was in the past.
Now the USA have sold out to foreign countries to make things cheap and they are garbage.

Davidleecoles2016-10-31 13:54

Cerwin Vega vintage power amplifiers are the very best in the world. - Model#- A1800-A2200 A3000i are the kings of sound and power just find one on ebay and see for your self.
Time has not stopped for the CV-vintage power amps 40 to 50 years later most of them are still working.
The sound and bass coming out of these amps are just incredible and out of 40 power amps in the vintage world the Cerwin Vega leads as the best in the world ever made.
The vintage CV-built in the USA around 1970 when audio sound was taking off with movies and the disco scene.
We can sure understand the greatness of good sound and power for all music,movies,and the live scene I know sound and the vintage line of CV amps are the best thing the USA ever made in audio.
The new CV-power amps are now built in Japan by Stanton and sadly to say they are garbage cheaply made with very poor sound quality.
But thank God you can still find the old vintage US made CV-power amps on ebay I now have 3 in my home and it feels good to have some of our history and greatness as part of my entertainment system.
So with all this said I hope you will find your own piece of history in the family of Cerwin Vega vintage audio and lets do 50 more years of great sound.....

Davidleecoles2016-10-31 14:07

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.
One of the last vintage CV repair centers the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.2016-10-31 14:09

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.
One of the last vintage CV repair centers the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One Of The Last Vintage Cv Repair Centers The Csra Area They Have Fixed 5 Vinta2016-10-31 14:13

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.
One of the last vintage CV repair centers the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One Of The Last Vintage Cv Repair Centers In The Csra Area They Have Fixed 5 Vi2016-10-31 14:17

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.
One of the last vintage CV repair centers in the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One Of The Last Vintage Cv Repair Centers In The Csra Area They Have Fixed 5 Vi2016-10-31 14:17

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center.
One of the last vintage CV repair centers in the CSRA area they have fixed 5 vintage CV amps that I owed and the price was great also with a quick return of just one week thanks Tom.

Rod2016-11-12 20:06

Cerwin-Vega A200, M200, A400 and A600 power amps built in the 1978-1986 era were the best in the USA, California built power amps. Amps built after that were not US built and Gene Cerwinski had sold off the company. I was the main factory tech. of which there were only two, who worked on those amps and all CV electronics. We were located in North Hollywood, and then Arleta California. When the company moved to Simi Valley, California it was the start of the sell off of the company. From the 1960s to 1985 nothing could touch the speakers and amplifiers. I do not know if I would buy one today. I still love my vintage A123 CV speakers, CV rack mount PR1 Pre-amp and CV rack mount A400 amp! I have not heard anything come close to them.

Lee Sr2016-11-13 07:58

Yes its good to hear this from you I did not know anyone was still alive from the CV world.
I am a repair tech and I have had 10 CV vintage power Amps let me try and name them....I had 2 or 3 A2200
they had the best sound but the bass was not the great this amp had highs and meds that would send you to the moon...lol.
The best Amp with Highs and Bass that would blow your speakers out was and still is the A1800 I had 2 or 3 of these and I still have them along with the A3300i I have them in a rack system with a mixer and EQ and a peramp.
I am only using one A1800 to power (8) CV-15"INCH SPEACKERS and only at half volume they are shacking the walls and windows.
So (3)-a2200 and (3)-a1800 (3)A3000i and (2)900 that is 11 Cerwin Vega power Amps and I know all or the vintage CV Amps are good power amplifiers with a very high out put.
The cv900 was junk and it was made in Japan so I sent them back because of the piss poor quilty and sound they had.
Stanton has the CV contract now but there are no more real CV power amps now they are all the same JUNK with digital chips and a piss poor cheap garbage sound that is nothing like the US made Soild State CV-Amps of the old days.
I buy them from ebay and fix the ones that do not work and sell some of them to night clubs and Disco dance clubs.
Many of them are still working with out any repairs made to them I think they are indeed bullit proof.
I love them all there are many people all over the world that remembers the greatness of the vintage Cerwin Vega name and even with so many other amplifiers out there vintage and non vintage US and non US Power Amps the Cerwin Vega still is the best of the best ever made this is when the United States was great and they made excellent audio and the best stereo systems in the world was made right here in the United States and in my opinion Cerwin Vega was one of the best of the best ever made we will miss the greatness of the old days.
I hope we one day return to greatness and make audio here in the US again with the return of the Solid State systems.

Mc Man's Electronics Repair At 3037 Meadowbrook Dr, 706-739-1099 Cerwin Vega Vintage Power Amplifier Repair Center. One Of 2016-11-13 08:11

Vintage Cerwin Vega Amplifiers from 1970 to 1988 was the best thing out their.
We all need to demand the return of US made stereo's and sound systems and to stop sending our work over to Japan and China.

Michael J Gentile2018-10-25 07:07

I have 3 of the 2200 c v and 1 of the 1800 c v. I did the normal repairs and keep them maintained. I had a friend install some protection blocks because if somethj g let's go, they will take out the woofers. I use the to power, get ready for it, the original earthquake cabinets with reconned 189s. The shit that was used in the movie theaters in the 70s.

David Lee2019-03-01 03:34

Cerwin Vega a1800M
I have found that the CV a1800M
Has a very warm sound it states is 225 watts per channel but ?.
The 1800 and a 3000I have a very high watt sound moving the room with bass.
The 1800M sorry to say does not.
Yes it's 50 years old but it has been cleaned and stored for many years so it's all original equipment.
I think it was really for the home not for the club.
I am running the same 8 CV 15 inch speakers ass before and the other CV amps power them very well.
But this is my first CV M amp and I am not to happy..
I checked it and tested all components and found everything could be working well Black and Whites must be the design.
So that said I am giving the CV a1800M a 60 out of a 100.
It is not the best vintage CV but more like a cheep one made for the home.
It's has 4 speaker out puts and 2 v pots with just 2 vu meters and no clip lights.
The inside is cheap looking the case is almost empty with just 2 output birds and a decent size Transformer but much smaller than those that are in the other Cerwin Vega powerapps.
So if you get any VV M series Power Amplifier you will not be too happy if you're looking for high output sound for nightclubs and other big events because it will not stand up at all its very under powered.
Summary all the Sharon Vega Power amplifiers have different sounds I have found that the best sounding ones are the 8 2200 and the A3000
The above two will blow out speaker and ears with no effort whatsoever.
It's is a sad report for me to do I am a vintage Cerwin Vega nut and will always be.
God bless you all and happy Bassing...

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