A-400, CERWIN VEGA A-400 professional power amplifier

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Davidleecoles2013-03-06 11:30

Made in California in the late seventy's its main function was for outdoor use as a PA SYSTEM like the A-600 but it had less WPC this Amp could also be used in night clubs and the disco scene these Amps were heavy big and bulky and had power that was outstanding the performance was excellent the sound fantastic this was on all the models of the vintage Vega power Amplifiers A-200A-400 A-600 A-1800 A-2200 A-3000I M-200 M-400 THE METRON SERIES OF VEGA WERE MADE FOR HOME USE AND HAD LESS WPC. But it but it did not matter which of these great Amplifiers you purchased if the name was the Cerwin-Vega on all the vintage lines of audio purchased the best merchandise in the world made in our great USA.


Davidleecoles2013-05-26 06:26

Let me just update the above poor typo's here is a new repost update on the a400 Cerwin Vega power amp this amp was and is used for professional gatherings whether it was indoors or outdoors it was noted as a PA type of audio unit it was a big and heavy.
Most of the time they were stored in some type of a rack system for easy transport from site to site the wpc was much lower than the A600 the A400 had about 400wpc and had a flat sound spectrum used for many live performances it was not a good Amp for the home it was to big and the A600 was the same you would not get too much acoustic sound out of these to model numbers they are mainly used as stated for big PA occasions when you had a large amount of people gather together and you needed some heavy duty audio. Cerwin Vega made a power amp for any occasion the rock band sence was the main use of these amps and they did it well for many many hours of play time then the amps would be closed up in the rack system case until the next performance or event.
The A400 and A600 was build differently from the other series of CV power amplifiers parts and the placement of transistors and fiter caps and main boards we're all tightly packed together this made it very difficult to work on and very costly for you had to take out many smaller parts before you got to the main parts of the internal transistors.
Also due to the enclosed type of design it made the amp get very hot and difficult for proper air flow causing many internal parts to overheat even with the internal fan it just got to hot when over driven and this shorten it's life span.
Many bands and night clubs preferred the A3000i or the A1800 and A2200 Vega power amps the design of these amplifiers had excellent venting which gave them the ability to cool themselves with huge heatsinks this type of design made these series of amplifiers very reliable and were the most popular among the Cerwin-Vega group of audio amplifers world wide.

Davidleecoles2013-07-06 07:17

This message is for the young man that posted a help notice for the vintage Cerwin Vega 600 power amp PA...

You stated that you can not find anything on this amp but here in this forum there is a great amount of info also with the Phone number of a Cerwin Vega vintage power amp repair person that can help you.
This amp the 600 is a very big and heavey it has one fan with 3 speeds to cool it down
the problem with this model is there are no venting form the heat the fan just blows around
the inside of the amp and the air goes no where than it becomes hot air and then causes the amp to fail.
This amp will need new internal parts for the old ones are most surely burned up.

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