notlisted, METRON BY CERWIN-VEGA M-200

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Davidleecoles2013-03-07 05:41

Lets talk about the Metron it was a home based model amplifier used for home audio it had less power than the big boys made by CV but you would never notice it.
This amp was 125wpc and could easily put out much more if needed this was a very good amp it had VU meters and it looked like a smaller version of the A-1800i which also had VU meters and front volume controls this amp put out very good sound and power to spare. We never hear about this amp too much but it was in many homes in the US in the eighties
early nineties this amp new sold for $600 to $700 in many audio shops in the US like JR music world in NYC and the Wiz audio shops around the country also it sold in many audio shops in Canada.
This amp contain the same parts inside as its predecessor but had less output transistors and a smaller transformer with mini lights for the VU meters it was a great made amp.


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