A-1800-I, Answer for Chris on CV A-1800-A-A-3000i

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Davidleecoles2013-03-23 08:28

Add a EQ to the A-1800 it will sounds fantastic now on the other Amps noted. Here is the answer to your question first let's start with the Cerwin-Vega vintage power Amp model A-3000 I the only problem with these amplifiers is heat if you noticed there are 4 output transistors per side mounted to heatsinks inside the amp you add the lights from the VCU meters the heat from the internal and external heat sinks combine them together with no cooling you will have some internal failure in time.
The A-3000i got very hot it was overloaded with heat sinks and output transistors the internal lights didn't make things easier it just created more heat heat is the enemy of any solid state amplifier but this can be easily compensated I purchased a 3 speed turbo fan made by Honeywell at Walmarts for $20 later I purchased 1 more for my A-1800 as the volume goes up on the amp so does the speed of the fan this has worked for over 20 years with no internal failer at any volume level.
Many owners of the A-3000i put the amp inside a rack with other amps this also create a lot of heat without sufficient amount of cooling.
This style of Amplifire should have been designed with an internal cooling fan to keep this beast cool but this is easily corrected.
Now the RCA output transistors when replacing them with a newer model of output transistors they all must be changed the same you can not mix them I would suggest you buy 20 if your output transistors need to be replaced
and 28 for the A-3000i they must all match both sides. I believe there is a starter output transistor on the top of both sides of this power amplifier if the strater transistors checked out to be okay then just change the other 26. Be sure to check to make sure the output transistors are bad I've noticed the beer can size filter capacitor are I drying up on these older model amps
and you can get off the internet and upgraded filter capacitor for any vintage Vega power amp.


State Of The Art Power Amplifiers Vintage Cerwin-vega2013-04-04 11:26

Hello guys just some information to share with you about some great audio equipment made by Cerwin-Vega in the 70's and 80's the Vega was one of the best audio amps in the world and now today they'll still around producing excellent quality sound with massive amounts of watts per channel. State of the art sound quilty and very reliable is the trade mark for all the vintage Vega power amps.
In life you can buy a power amp that will cost up to $5000 or more for less quality sound and it will have a much shorter life span then the solid-state Vega power amplifiers if quality is something you seek I would search out one of these vintage beauties off of ebay and tested for myselfyou will find that the quality of these amps are superior to many others you will also find that the clarity the bass and mids are excellent and the separation is far bar none the best I've ever heard.

Davidleecoles2013-04-11 11:20

Well I just received and offer for the A3000i cv that has been rebuilt like new and its not for sale.
Some one sent an email the offer was $1.500 cash I pay shipping its sounded good but the odds of me finding another one is almost virtually impossible plus all the time and money in it I think not.
I will miss the big vu meters and that huge bass thumpping out of this thing and I will miss talking about the days that the USA was great.
We built the best audio in the world and sold out every thing to China no one cares about nothing but money.
The US used to stand for Quality In all Merchandise that we built we had factories all over the United States building great things but the greed of man caused the United States to fall to China for cheap sweatshop labor factories that make low quality junk
and send it back to the states for sale.
What has happen to us look at 1970 and up to 1990 we built the World Trade Center for god sakeshow great was fat

Davidleecoles2013-04-11 11:52

was that now we build nothing we just send it all to China but it we are all out of work due to sending it to China who will be left to buy the garbage from China.
We have to restart the US again and start building solid state audio again and reopen the closed factories and put the US back to work.

Davidleecoles2013-04-11 12:04

The best of the best ever made Cerwin Vega power amps and speakers yes made in the great United States of America in the 70's that is when we made qualities throughout the Nation. look at how much money was made in building solid-state audio all the components in factories that made the components what's right here in the United States millions of people working building parts for televisions an audio equipment here's a quick fix to the financial difficulties of the United States let's start building again by making our own audio and televisions and put the United States back to work.
let's bring back the old solid state design that will make millions of parts for millions of solid-state audio and televisionsand let's abandon the chip technology which does not last as long as solid state nor is the sound quality better.

Davidleecoles2013-04-12 07:06

Back in 1970 we came up with the ideal of solidstate audio and video tubes have been replaced the small of transistors such as the output transistors and the filter capacitorssolid state transistor are better components better than tubes but just as good as tubes it took less time to produce sound or video tubes had to warm up to work
Solid state did not.The sound from these unit produced a larger spectrum of sound and the quality was much better than tubes transistors just lasted much longer.
Now for the pc chip that is found in everything new the chip must be cooled or it will overburn in a matter of seconds this is a big flaw in the chip technology when it comes to televisions and audio equipment.
We can implement solid-state technology in the new audio and video of today very easily by making smaller solid state parts that need no cooling at all.

Davidleecoles2013-04-12 07:26

And reopen our factories to make such items right here in the United States then recreating the new Cerwin-Vega power amplifier series using solid state technology
and bring back the audio world that we have lost.
The new solid state would be more power but small unlike pc chips they would need no cooling. The big output power amps would have an internal fan but thats all.
We would use the parts in new radios and stereos and amps and televisions making new items to sell in the US made by the US then selling them outside the US with all the money staying here.
I would love to open a new Cerwin Vega company and make new power amps and use the old style technology I believe this would take off and put back many Americans to work. With CV leading the way I would kill the cheap made pc chips and replace it with the new solid state transistor design which will be just as the old 70's design and restart the technology that we use to swear by in the 70's and 80's.

Davidleecoles2013-04-12 07:29


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