MDR-501-LP, Seek source for Ear Pads

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Ron Hanus2009-10-06 20:47

This model has both an outer ring of foam and an inner circular foam pad for the left and right drivers. The outer ring rests on the user\'s head and suspends the inner pad away from the ear for minimum fatique in long listening sessions. Right now, Sony Parts has the inner pad still available for sale, but they have discontinued the outer ring of foam. I would like to buy the outer rings from someone who has a pair of New Old Stock ones available for sale. Thank you.


Adrian Aguilar2009-10-24 23:30

Hello, I am sorry that I don\'t have ones for sale for you, I would sell you them If I had extras though. I am also in need of the outer foam rings for the same headphones...I bought the inner pads direct from Sony and they have discontinued the outer pads just like you mentioned. If you happen to find the outer pads, please let me know.
Thank you.

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