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Malcolm Handte2005-05-27 07:01

Recently picked up a pair, literally off the sidewalk. Having trouble finding info, such as impedence, recommended range for amp power, proper fuse size (one had a 2A, the other a 10A!) Thanks for the help. Also, would the recently acquired (same way!) Sansui AU-717 be a good match?


Stan Palmer2005-06-25 14:45

I have a pair of the SP-10\'s. (They\'re my back up units.) Very nice speakers, overall. They are 8 ohms. The 2A fuse is correct. You definately want to protect the speakers, as the tweeters are modified Philips \"domes\" and cannot be replaced very easily - so dump that 10A fuse!! Don\'t know anything about your Sansui unit, but since *most* consumer amplification equipment is designed for 4 - 8 ohm loads, it\'s probably fine. Hope this helps. Stan

Ludovic2007-01-12 15:49

Bonjour, Je ne connais pas la puissance des loudspeakers Grafyx SP10. Merci

Loren Williams2008-04-19 22:54

I got a pair at a Salvation Army store. They say \"MODEL 10\" no SP. On the fuse cover it says 2.0 amps, and Grafyx Audio Products, 310 Kirk Road, St Charles, Illinois 60174 is on the back. I have used them with a Technics SA GX350 designed for 8 ohms with good sound. I use them now, after decades of collecting and discarding speakers. There is no indication about impedance on them, so thanks for the input.

Malcolm Handte2005-05-27 07:01

Ooops, guess I shouldn\'t have given up after a few weeks of no reply.

Stan & Loren, Thanks for the info. As my \"!\" suggests, I did think 10A was, as the Brits say, \"coming it a bit high\" and had replaced it with a 2A long before, when, just a few weeks ago, I flipped my amp and tuner on and almost got knocked down.

My son had left the vol. almost all the way up to play itunes from his laptop\'s headphone out (going into an in-from-a-preamp jack on the Sansui).

[The Sansui is a classic \'70\'s integrated \"crate amp\" rated at 85 WRMS/ch, but said by one on-line reviewer to test to about 115 to 120 before distortion starts to jump up.]

This Amp/speaker set-up gets VERY LOUD, since the Grafyx[insert your guess at how to make this plural], though they have only a 10\" woofer have a very big (approx 3 cu ft on outside) bass reflex enclosure and the longest excursion I have ever seen. (Perhaps this is due to the surrounds, which seem to be more substantial than the usual foam -- more like a thin bicycle inner tube rubber.)

So, one of the 2A fuses blew, but both speakers seem to be OK.

High vol tests (above even where I play rock when everyone else is out!) sometimes suggest a rattle, but so far these noises have been traced to resonating objects in the room. (14\'x23 L/R on an open plan with an identical D/R and a 12x13 foyer)

Since finding the vintage speakers and amp (within a month of each other), I have relegated a mid-price Onkyo HT receiver to tuner and input selection functions in favor of the Sansui as final preamp and power and have banished a Bose Accoustimass III speaker system to the spare bedroom.

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