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Brett2007-03-26 06:59

I have come across an old pair of speakers and would like to find out more about them. The speakers are manufactured by Erath, and I believe the model is LWE-VI. They have an 8\" driver. Any info that is available would be appreciated.


Barry Trimble2009-05-02 15:26

I have a pair of LWE Model 1 speakers that I am seeking speaker repair/replacement and 6 prong speaker conneting wires for.

I am looking for information pertaining. I am a LWE Speaker Fan and would like to bring these old warriors back to life.

If there is info out there that can be shared, please contact me at trimbleranch3@msn.com

The speakers are the same as in the picture of this website that I found this article.

with kind regards,
Barry Trimble

Brett2007-03-26 06:59

The best source of info I have found is at : http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/lweusersgroup/
Hope this helps !
Cheers, from canada...

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