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Peter Szatanski2007-01-01 19:58

Hi,......I was wondering whether you could help me. I purchased four Laser -R150 speakers about 23 years ago, and don\'t have the brochures and papers that came with these speakers anymore. I wanted to know if there was any information available about these speakers. For Example,....are these decent quality speakers? Or,are they low end , etc. I was wanting to use these with a home theater system. Any information would be appreciated. The Manufacter label on the back of the speaker says \"made in Canada\" by Mitom Industries, and the serial # is 75137. Thanks, Peter


Pierre Déry2007-04-25 19:48

Hi Peter! All I can say about Laser speakers is that I purchased a pair of Laser L-80 in January 1983 and that they rendered much better sound than most popular speakers of their era like Cerwin Vega and other popular brand names. I would say Laser products were middle to middle-high end speakers. I still have the 4 page English/French «Owner\'s manual for installation and operation of Laser balanced sound speaker systems». It doesn\'t say much more than how to connect the wires to an amplifier. It also explains the virtues of the «Energy level controls» of those speakers. I am looking forward to purchasing third party repair kits for my speakers because the foam edges have disintegrated with years. They should sound like new ones after the repair. I am sure yours would also benefit such a beefing up. I suspect the manufacturer of the speakers is out of business now: Mitom Industries Limited 1140 - 8th Line Oakville (Ontario) Canada L6H 2R4 Telephone: (416) 842-2850 Good luck!

Peter Szatanski2007-04-26 02:24

Thanks, for your answer Pierre. Sounds like you have my speakers nailed down,....and, you\'re right, they do have those energy control knobs on them. Now, as far as the foam surrounds, ...just had them redone. They had also disintegrated! Sound great now. Everybody that hears them, also thinks they sound great. Then they say Laser 150? ....never heard of them! Regards, Peter

Peter Szatanski2007-01-01 19:58

Hi Peter
I have been googling for information re: my Laser Model L-123 T speakers. The 12 and 5 inch speakers are in need of repairs to the foam surround. I read from your correspondence with Pierre Dery in April 26/07 that you had already done the surround foam repair. Would you mind telling me where you got the foam repair kit from and any other particulars that you could provide so that I could begin using these Laser speakers again.
Thanks for your help.

Mark2012-01-13 11:32

I have a pair laser-150, What are they worth as I am selling them, Wwere all of them made in canada?

Peter Szatanski2012-01-17 00:42

Hi Mark,......as far as I know all of the Lazer-150's were made in Canada. Think it says on the back. Not sure what they are worth. A lot of people are going for the newer, tall skinny ones. Depends if you get someone who's into old school stuff.

Richard Guy Briggs2015-05-17 07:07

Interestingly, this is the only reference I have come upon on the web about "Mitom Industries" and "loudspeaker". I have a pair of Laser L-80 that I bought sometime around 1983 from McKeen Electronics in Ottawa. I've beaten the hell out of these things and they just keep on ticking. I've got a Bryston 4B (250W/ch.) that I used frequently with it and was never able to burn them out. Mind you, the lead-in wires fatigued to breaking more than once and I repaired/replaced them and glued the felt dome back after the repair each time. They've been used with a Pioneer SA-7500 ii for most of the last 20 years. The surrounds eventually crumbled away too, but I had them replaced. I'd be interested to get a scan of the user manual since I don't think I ever got one with my L-80s. rgb at tricolour dot ca

Tom2016-05-09 20:29

For a long time I was convinced that mine Laser L-80s are a Wharfedale product, though a couple things did not match. Glad I stumbled upon this page, will contribute a bit. I was given a pair of L-80s about 20 years ago, because the tweeters were blown. After some futile efforts to find replacement diaphragms, the speakers ended up in the attic. About 2 years ago I dug them out and gave them some TLC: refoamed bass and mid speakers, replaced internal padding, did some cable work around crossovers and installed temporary tweeters from old Technics speakers. The tweeters were most challenging part of restoration: absolutely no trace of replacement diaphragms. Gave up looking for originals, bought generic replacement coils/diaphragms and made the replacement parts myself. That included designing and cutting out templates with 0.1-0.2mm accuracy, precision positioning the coils in magnets, gluing everything together and praying. Fortunately everything went pretty well after a couple attempts.
A bit about quality: the boxes sound nice and seem to be put together from quality components. In my quest after original replacements I found that identical tweeters were in Cerwin Vega 26s, and were probably made by Heppner. No info on mid and bass, but they look solid and sound nice. The boxes are solid and well made, however overall assembly has this garage workshop vibe. Holes for screws are drilled at weird angles, obviously by hand and rather sloppily. The crossover elements are glued to a piece of particle board stapled to the back of the box, wires flapping in the breeze do not instill confidence. Fixed that by adding some binding posts. Original padding was a single piece of rock wool or glass wool and was spewing tiny pieces of the material through bass-reflex tubes. Replaced with decent amount of proper padding foam.
Overall these are nice speakers in quite solid and nicely made boxes, though final assembly and a couple details leave something to be desired, nothing unfixable though. Sound (IMO) is nice, rich and well balanced, not annoying at all. Worth keeping, but watch out for blown tweeters, for getting replacement coils is hard if not impossible and one would have to resort to DIY.

Tom2016-05-10 13:14

More info for those interested: apparently Mitom Industries were also known as Glenn Electronics Co.Ltd. I found an ad for used Audiotronix Products GL 1500 speakers, which utilize the same distinctive tweeters as the L-80s, and the label says "Glenn Electronics Co.Ltd., Oakville, Ontario". Then I found another ad for Audiotronix Series 7 speakers which utilize the same tweeter and bass as the L-80s. Unfortunately, googling "Glenn Electronics" gives as few results as "Mitom Industries" query. There`s a couple ads for used audiotronix speakers, mostly in Canada, but that`s it. The scarcity of info made me think that maybe these are "white van speakers" of some made-up brand, but they seem to be way to good for that. Or Mitom/Glenn was a local manufacturer that didn`t manage to expand their operations beyond local market. Or they were making speakers for some bigger brands and tried to push their own design under their name. I`d really like to know, just as I`d like to know how my Laser L-80s ended up in Europe, Denmark to be exact.

Richard Guy Briggs2016-05-10 14:26

Well, my pair of Laser L-80 are currently in New Delhi on a Canadian diplomatic posting, but I expect them to return back to Canada after the posting. :)

In doing my background research on Mitom Industries, I seem to recall tripping on Glenn Electronics and finding pages for one or the other on the Industry Canada:


Unsurprisingly, BSM has the same tweeter:


Tom2016-05-10 17:42

Hi Richard!

Wow, judging from posting dates I expected a reply in a year or so :)

Thanks for the links, in the speaker brochure I recognize not only the tweeter, but also the mid and the bass. I like the consistency in using the same parts in different designs, it suggests sticking to quality components, not the cheapest supplier at the time. I looked up Audiotronix brand in Canadian trade-mark data site, and from the dates and addresses I think Mitom and Glenn were either the same company, which renamed itself and moved, or Glenn was acquired by Mitom. That would explain the nameplate on speakers in this ad:


But to confuse things even more...


The Laser logo is the same, though no trace of Mitom Industries or Glenn Electronics, instead we have Laser Audio Inc.

Dang. Maybe it is some kind of white van thing, after all? Even if so, kudos to the manufacturer, they made something that seems to be on par with well-known brand names of the era.

Doing detective work on things we like is fun :) My speakers came with manufacturer labels torn off, the only clue was the laser L-80 logo.

Tom2016-05-11 07:45

I think I found another member of the humble Mitom family!

Mach Series speakers :)


1st clue: the label that looks pretty much the same as the BSM and Audiotronix ones

2nd clue: absolutely no info on the Mach Series, except that they were made in Canada.

3rd clue is actually the proof: the photo of sloppy bird`s nest style crossover assembly. Same hand-made coils, same point-to point connections flapping in the breeze, all glued to a piece of particle board. Yup, the fingerprints match.

Gotta admit, as much as I enjoy following a clue to another clue, it`s kinda frustrating when instead of even a bit of solid info all I get is another mystery. It`s like chasing the white van at times. Oh well, at least I can tell with a nice dose of certainty that all speakers in the L-80s are Heppners and using custom parts in crossovers at least suggests that someone actually put some effort in making these speakers work. Smells of a small manufacture making short series of products, maybe a contractor working for the likes of Radioshack making store-brand things...

That`s it for now. Driver! Follow that wite van! :)

Tom2016-05-20 19:01

Gotta admit, listening to my L-80s is much more pleasant than looking them up.

There are three companies in this story: Glenn Electronics, Mitom Industries and Laser Audio, all located in Oakville, Ontario (if internet is to believed), using the same brand names for their speakers (Glenn and Mitom using Audiotronix, Mitom and Laser Audio using Laser). It would be hard to confuse things more.

This thread on Canuck Audio Markt sheds a bit of light here and there:

According to the posters, Laser Audio manufactured speakers for other companies as well as their own line of products. They also made their own drivers: what I thought to be a Heppner tweeter apparently is their own design. Since all drivers have similar markings, I think it`s safe to assume that all drivers in Laser L-80s are, well, Lasers.
The markings are "H7", "MF 100" and "LF 100" on the back of tweeter, mid and bass respectively, with another marking "Lc2" below on all of them. Maybe someone who owns Audiotronix or BSM speakers would be kind enough to look what markings are on his / her drivers.
BTW it appears that the BSM brand was used by white van scammers and it`s got a bad rep now. Search "BSM 3 way" on youtube and you`ll see why.

That`s all I could gather, for anything more someone would have to find a person actually working at Laser or Mitom and get him/her to talk. I bet it would be a story well worth listening to.

Smithc7602016-05-25 04:46

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Mitom Industries Employee2017-01-19 10:18

I used to work at Mitom Industries in the summer of 1982. We made Laser products and also assembled cabinets and speakers for Cerwin Vega. The plant was divided into 2 sections...assembly and the wood shop. Mitom was owned by a gentleman Named Emile Basinay (sp?). The story I was told at the time was that when his companies ran into financial difficulties, they would close and re-open under a different name. I do recall there being quality control issues with the cabinets due to poor gluing techniques. What I do recall is that the production line consisted of teenagers who were paid around $4 an hour.. Hope this helps.

Tom2017-01-28 13:28

Wow! Finally someone who actually worked at Mitom! Thank you for this bit of info, it explains the multitude of company names and inconsistencies in workmanship I observed. Do you remember what models of Laser and Cerwin Vega speakers you were working on? Any stories or anecdotes? Thanks again!

Mitom Industries Employee2017-02-05 17:41

I don't remember product line numbers for the Laser products but, I do remember the actual crossover and and speakers that went into the cabinets were assembled by older Portuguese ladies on site. We never really ventured over to that end of the plant (dust issues) except to bring the finished product over to the assembly line for installation. At the time, the employees never regarded the Laser speaker as a quality speaker. When it came to assembling the Cerwin Vega product. We would receive skidloads of Woofers, mid ranges tweeters and Crossovers from their Scarborough CV facility. Although it has been a long time since I worked there, I do remember making the d-9 speakers and wishing I had a pair at the time.

Tom2017-02-06 16:21

Thank you! So the company really made (or rather assembled) their own drivers. I submitted a photo of my L-80s in the info section at the top of the page, can you look at them? As for quality, it seems that it varied a lot: L-80s (IMO) look, sound and weigh like a decent pair of three-ways should, but I also found pictures of speakers apparently made by one of Mr. Bazinet companies that looked, well, white van-ish with two 12 inch woofers, one tweeter and cheap looking cabinets. All these brands, company names, huge differences in opinions and quality... Strange, indeed. At least I know now that my Lasers aren`t white van speakers. Or do I? Please tell me that you didn`t load finished boxes onto white vans... Pleasepleaseplease... :D Thanks!

Mitom Industries Employee2017-07-19 16:42

Hi Tom,

Sorry for the delay. The speakers were never loaded into "white vans" but, I do remember them being sold at Oakville Place Simpsons department store.......now I am really dating myself:)

Tom2017-07-29 21:21

Thank you for the reply and all these bits and pieces of information :) I`m glad that we managed to collect all these little bits and put them in one place, maybe someone will find them useful one day. It would be a shame to let this strange, obscure company and its equally obscure brands disappear completely. My Lasers still work and I`ll try to keep them going as long as possible, partially because my internal technohipster has a soft spot for obscure brands, but mostly because they`re my favorite speakers. I`ll keep coming back here to check if anyone posted some new info... Or maybe even a photo of Jennie, Mr. Bazinet`s knock-out secretary :D

Message for those who stumbled upon this page looking for info on Mitom Industries, Laser Inc., Audiotronix, BSM and Laser speakers: Post here, tell us what speakers you have and how you got them :)

Mitom Industries Employee (2)2017-12-06 20:02

I have a pair of Laser L-10 speakers. I too need the foam to be replaced. Would like info on getting repair info on.

RE: Mitom Industries. I worked at Mitom in 1980 and consolidated Glenn Electronics into Mitom Industries which manufactured home stereo speakers under the name of Laser. Both companies were in Oakville, Ontario. Mitom had an elaborate testing sound room to produce a good quality speaker. They were targeting the top of the line speakers. It has been a long time since I have heard Emile's and Jennie's names.

Pierre Déry2017-12-07 04:52

Nice to read again a Mitom Industries Employee! «I have a pair of Laser L-10 speakers. I too need the foam to be replaced. Would like info on getting repair info on.» did you ask?

I personnaly replaced my LASER L-80 Loudspeakers' Foam Surrounds in 2007. Only the Woofers and mid-range were then replaced; the tweeter speakers were, and still are, excellent. I proceeded as follows:

1- I first watched some videos on Youtube like the ones that can be seen at this URL: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=loudspeaker+surround+replacement .

2- I then ordered the foam surrounds and the necessary supplies on eBay, at a ridiculous price of course. Special attention must be paid though to the shape, size and geometry of the new surrounds. No compromise here! Considering the low cost of the surrounds, I had ordered 4 units of each instead of 2, just in case something went wrong...

3- To keep the cones properly aligned during the curing of the glue, I cut a few plastic pieces out of a yogurt container which I inserted between the wall and the center magnet of the speaker. The thickness of those temporary shims was exactly perfect. I didn't encounter any issues during the repair as well as for the drying process.

After 10 years since that repair, my LASER L-80 loudspeakers still sound as «cristal clear» as they did when purchased in Quebec City in 1983. I remember being assaulted that day at the store when a crowd of people had interrupted the listening of their « Dream Cewin Vegas » and other brands to rush around me, inquiring which type of loudspeakers I was testing that could deliver such a beautiful balanced sound. The difference in rendition was astonishing. It still is 35 years later...! So was the price paid, mine being much cheaper.

Go ahead with your repair, you won't regret... and Good Listening with your new Laser L-10s!

Tom2017-12-09 02:52

Hi Mitom Industries Employee (2)!

Thank you for help with clarifying the Glenn Electronics` role in the story and other info. Damn, I`d love to contact Emile Bazinet for an interview, if he`s still around.

As for replacing foam: I assume you are in Canada, so my experience won`t rather apply, but there`s a Canadian (I believe) blogger who restores speakers. Maybe he could do it for you or provide some info on where to look for a good quality service. I asked him about Laser speakers and though he didn`t know anything, he was at least kind enough to reply.


Could you please add photo of your Laser L-10s in the Mitom Industries section (link below)?


Also please tell us some more... Opinions about speakers, anecdotes from the company much welcome!

Michael In Bc2017-12-19 00:22

Wow, what a persistent thread! Very little info on my GL-1300 Audiotronix speakers made in Canada by Glenn Electronics. I was surprised as I acquired them with a very high end vintage Marantz set up and they sounded great! Too big for my little place I thought , tho now a set of 901's sit in their place. I am always trying out speakers and changing my set up. I have had BIC's, Goodman's , Paradigm, Energy 22's(big reget selling those) Energy pro 22, B & O, B & W, blah blah blah. These speakers are definitely mid to mid high end speakers. I do not know how to get a hold of the original owner anymore so all I can do is opine about my listening experience. I do not consider myself an audiophile , I just know what I like and these are very likeable.
I was trying to figure out a price point for them as I need to purge again as I have recently acquired 3 pairs of 1970's Sansui's Sp 1500, 1500 ex? and 2500's. All too big but a blast from my youth. Mine are in excellent condition and came with some funky tilted wooden stands.

Michael In Bc2017-12-19 01:05

By men, I meant the GL-1300's are in excellent condition

Tom2017-12-23 22:08

Hi Michael!

I`m glad to see an Audiotronix user in this thread. To say that information about the company and it`s products is scarce would be an understatement. Can you take a couple photos of your GL-1300's and upload them here? As far as I know, it`s the only place about Mitom/Laser/Glenn and their products.

As for estimating price of your speakers: obscure speakers from obscure company... you know what that means. Hard to sell at a good price unless you`ll find someone who knows what he`s buying.

Glenn2018-02-04 23:23

To the Mitom Industries poster : I have a pair of Janis Series 5 with that company name imprinted on the front. Had them since the mid 80's. Sadly I can't find any information on them anywhere on the internet. Does this series ring any memories?

Tom2018-02-08 08:35

Hi Glenn!

I have spent a lot of time looking for any info regarding Mitom and the rest, and never stumbled upon that name. It`s very strange (and sad) for a company with such multitude of brands to disappear in such manner. Maybe others will help, but for now it`s you who can help: please upload a picture of your speakers here:


and write a couple words about them, you know: general impression, how you got them and where...


Glenn2018-02-08 14:15

I tried Tom, but after the upload of the picture the site claimed it couldn't connect to the FTP. Let me know if/when the error is corrected and I'll give it another try.

Tom2018-02-10 01:34

Yes, I see that the upload section is broken, and has been for a long time, apparently. Not a good sign. Oh well, will try to reach the admin. You can also email me the picture(s), if you don`t mind. mordazy (at) tlen.pl.

Maybe one day I`ll collect myself enough to make a webpage about Mitom and its products.

I just thought: most people posting here have kept these speakers for over three decades. Is it us, or is it something special about these obscure boxes?

Andy Seguire2018-08-24 21:40

Hello! I hope this thread is still active. I will tell you straight off the bat that I am VERY green to all of this. While I can not offer any information about this pretty interesting history. I will let you know that I also have a pair of Audiotronix GL 1300s. Does anyone know the impedance on these? I want to connect it to a Pioneer SX-424 that I picked up at a swap shop for cheap. It's rated for speakers of 4-16 ohms.

Kenn2018-09-10 06:48

I picked up a pair of laser L103 speakers a month ago and just finished reforming the bass and mid drivers. They are a decent sounding speaker I'm impressed . They were advertised locally as free because they needed repair. They are quite heavy for their size as compared to other similar sized speakers and I would agree they're a mid to mid high quality. It's interesting to read all these comments and find out a bit more about them .

Tom2018-09-11 09:58

Hi Andy Seguire and welcome to rather exclusive group of Mitom Industries / Glenn Electronics / Laser Inc. speakers users :)

Regarding impedance of your GL 1300s, they`re most probably 4 or 8 Ohm. I have a picture of a back sticker from GL 1500s, but strangely it doesn`t mention impedance. If you want to be sure, connect an ohmmeter to the speaker terminals, it will give you ballpark value.
In short, it`s 99,5% safe to pair them with your Pioneer. You may check if the receiver is getting overly hot after an hour or so of loud playing. If it`s only warm, all`s fine.

Tom2018-09-11 23:24

Hi Kenn and welcome :)
I`m glad to hear that you rescued a pair of Lasers from uncertain future, I hope they will repay you with great sound!

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