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Carlos Evergreen2007-09-20 23:18

Dear Sirs: I\'d like to know where I can buy a pair of CS-G403\'s. I already have a pair of CS-G403\'s and a pair of CS-G303\'s, which have the same tweeters and midranges but have 12\" woofers. I\'d like to get another pair of CS-G403\'s, so the sound can match and be exactly the same from all four speakers because the CS-G303\'s are excellent speakers but the sound is just not the same, even though I have the CS-G403\'s hooked up to a big subwoofer and the CS-G303\'s hooked up to another big subwoofer. So it\'s not a matter of sub bass but of the mid bass. Thanks, Carlos Evergreen.


Jerry2008-07-11 18:42

I have a nice pair of these speakers that I may sell, but they are very heavy and depending on your location, could be expensive to ship.

Carlos Evergreen2007-09-20 23:18

I have a pair of these I will be putting up on Ebay shortly.
My Ebay URL is :
Yes these are great speakers

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