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Uday Kaushish2005-08-08 15:28

The coil of one KEF B-110 Driver in my 1980\'s vintage LS3/5A speaker burnt out recently. Tried in vain to get B-110\'s. What would be the best possible solution to Retrieve/Resuscitate the speakers to the best possible degree? Shall be grateful for your response. Best Regards, Uday Kaushish


Uday Kaushish2005-08-08 15:28

Uday, You should pay a visit to the website exclusively to do with the LS3/5a and try to find the suppliers. Another thing you ought to do is to join the LS3/5a club on Yahoo Groups as indicated on the website. There are many who will be able to guide you dpending on your location. I hope this helps. Cheers! Anis

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