Optimus T-120, Need replacements

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Sam2010-01-11 19:10

My mid-range speakers need replacing. I\'m having a hard time finding replacements. It seems to fit the 4 1/2\" hole and mounting screws 5 1/2\" OC is a difficult task.

Any help in locating replacements would be appreciated.


John2010-01-23 00:52

W54 - Pyramid® 5.25 inch Woofer
http://www.fcsurplus.ca/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=28&cat=Midrange Speakers

These are 4 ohms so they give a midrange boost. The
originals are 6 ohms.
Use the clear spacer disk that comes with a 100 dvd disk pack to outline the slightly larger hole required for this speaker. Tape with 3 thin strips of duct tape, centre on old speaker cutout, and use a white pencil to make cutout outline. Use jigsaw to make cutout. Mounting holes line up almost perfectly. Cover bass reflex hole to stop sawdust from cutting getting in.
Protect tweeter and woofer from dust and damage while making cutout.
They sound great, and are higher wattage.

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