TSW-910-A, Need a new tweeter.. help please!

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Tim Eldred2010-02-06 22:04

I have a pair of the tsw 910A speakers and I need to locate a tweeter for one of them can I get some help with this matter.


Henry2010-02-07 21:07

I rebuilt my AR TSW 910 a few years ago. I bought all the speakers through Layne Audio but not sure where to get them now. I am looking to replace the front covers on mine.The speakers still sound great.

Tim Eldred2010-02-09 22:05

Thank you, Iget my replacement speakers fom AB teach but they don\'t have the tweeters any more. Thier number is 1800-225-9847.

Ton2011-03-13 21:39

Tim E$ldred, Henry,

I would know the tweeters partsnumber for the tsw 910 can you help me with this?


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