SD-70-A, woofer replacement

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Stephan2010-09-05 15:39

Does anyone know where i maybe could get a replacement for the 4"-Woofer for my D-Box SD70A.

I would really like to use them further - but after 17 years the material is decayed.

I appreciate any help you may have for me

Thanx in advance



Paolo Barberis2012-03-14 06:15

Stephan, could u find any solution?
I have same problem, plus one tweeter is gone, they have given me great music for a long time..


Guy Morin 2019-01-07 04:27

I used one of those with success 3years ago on one and I am about to replace my second.

Very well knowm store in Montréal , where by the way the speakers where originally assembled.

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