Silhouette 2, what a treasure

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Ray Steele2014-02-11 19:36

Bought them at Sound Advise with anew Krell Amplifier
Added two NHT 1259 12" woofers placed in a Woodstyle 66.3 liter box
Powered the woofers with a ADCOM 555 amp highly modified by Wavetrace technologies
They were outstanding and highly controlled and musical
three years after I bought them I made a major move and placed them in AC storage
forgot about them
In January 2014 I remembered all that equipment and trekked over to TAMPA Fl area and retrieved them.
I forgot how good they were and pleased at the outstanding condition they are in. The high gloss piano finish never goes out of style. They were over 2K but at the time money was no problem.
The matching dual sub woofers adds the two lower octaves and high power BASS.
I am glad to have the two NHT 1259 sub woofers as they are top quality and look awesome together
These days I use electrostatic panels and multiple channels.
Anyone interested in these four speakers and the matching five sided stands contact me.
I believe these are their best in terms of sound, looks and imaging. The matching big subs complete the sound and it is supreme
Raymond Steele, Titusville florida
2014 phone is 321-591-9342


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