SKH-700, Info needed

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Denny Murnane2004-02-26 04:08

I own a pair of Electrostatic headphones marketed by K Mart, model SKH-700. They don\'t have a power supply, or a port for an input, therefore I don\'t know if they truly are The Real Thing. Anyway, has anyone ever heard of these? Are they worth my time to repair? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Denny Murnane


Joerg Baar2004-02-26 04:09

Hello there, I never heard of K-Mart model SKH-700, but the fact that there is no power supply seems to show that this is an electret-style set of phones. I could give further hints when I could take a look at the phones, better at the insides of them. If you have the possibility to make some pics of them, feel free to send them either to The Electrostatic Headphone Circuit or directly to me. Friendly greeting and kind regards, Joerg Baar

Jimmy Moore2006-01-07 04:11

I have seen the kmart ess skh headphones. It DOES come with a power supply. You connect your stereo reciever speaker outputs to the screw terminals on the back of the power supply. You then plug your rca style speker plugs into the back as well. On the front of the PS you plug in your ess HPs. There is a slide switch on the front of the PS which lets one select between speakers and headphones. Very old school electronics. The PS weighs at least 10 lbs. and the HP wire is a coiled cord with a large multi pinned HP male jack. It came from my Uncle George\'s estate. Hr passed away last year at the age of 88 but by God, he owned a mellotron. Quite a guy! I can supply pistures if requested. Both pieces were made in Japan. Very mid 60\'s

Jay Schoffstall2014-01-12 11:21

i have the power supply for thee skh-700 but it has no plug to way to give it power. it is exactly as described in this post. it has a red and black wire coming out of the left side labeled lamp and blue and black coming out of the right labeled ramp. they are both striped wires though. i don't know anything about it and i was wondering if it can be used as an amp for some speakers. i just don't know how to give it power.

Russ Stein, Radio Engineer2014-07-23 20:45

The power supply box for these headphones is actually 2 transformers. The primary windings of each transformer connect to the output of a stereo amplifier in lieu of speakers. The audio from the amplifier is transformed to directly drive each of the headphone electrostatic elements. No external power source is necessary. Also in this box is a switch to divert the output of the amplifier to speakers connected to the box, so you can operate the speakers or the headphones from the amplifier output.

Connect the right output from your stereo amplifier to the red and black wires, the left output to the blue and black wires. With the switch in headphone position, turn up the volume from the amp and listen to it on the headphones. You may also connect your speakers to the back of the box so you can use the switch to select speakers or headphones.

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