TK-20, Value estimate

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James Denton2004-02-26 11:42

I have a set of Signet TK20 headphones that I purchased in late 1984 or early 1985 along with a Sony TC-D5M for portable recording. They are still in excellent working condition and I am thinking of selling them but I can find no information on this particular Signet model. Do you have any idea what these might be worth?


Richard Brown2004-02-26 11:42

I bought a pair like what you describle from Harvey Electronics in New York City about that time but I wouldn\'t want to venture a price as I am not sure if they were the same or not. You might try contacting Harvey\'s which is still very much in business. I would be interested in buying them if you get any clear idea on a price. The ones I had gave out some time ago but they were the best I ever had. Good luck. Richard Brown

Greg2015-06-22 02:25

I am interested in the Signet TK20 headphones. Are they any good ? How much do you think they are worth in US Dollars ?

Greg Gibney

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