SRM-T-1-S, SRM-T1s, schematics

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Paul Almond2004-03-21 13:13

I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with the circuit diagram (schematic) for the Stax SRM-T1S electrostatic headphone amplifier.

I would appreciate it if someone could describe the adjustment procedure to follow when fitting new tubes to the above amplifier. The amplifier uses 6CG7/6FQ7 dual triodes, one per channel in the output stage. Each channel (left & right) has two variable preset resistors: one labelled TVR1 Offset, and the other labelled TVR2 Balance. TVR1 offset seems to control the current split between the two sections of the dual jfet input (long tail pair configuration). TVR2 Balance seems to control the current to both sections of a dual triode, TVR2 is connected between both cathodes and -ve HT. I have a digital multimeter and some knowledge of electronics including necessary safety precautions.


Frank Geissler2004-03-21 13:14

Hi, here are the schematics and a very useful comment on how to make improvements. You can get the sweet 6SN7 from Harmonix. Greetings, Frank


William Gruenewald2004-03-21 13:15

Set your browser to There are several circuits that will drive any of the Stax phones. The one by Gary Gilmore (vaccume tube) is better than any commercial unit available to date - better even then the Sennheiser Orpheus job.

Darek2011-07-04 16:13

I have schematics STAX SRM-T1S.

Thank You
Darek Dudek

Jac Janssen2012-11-18 20:29

Hello Darek,

Would you please send me a copy of the SRM-T1S schematic.

Best regards,
Jac Janssen

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