SRD-6-SB, Info needed

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Earl Yoshi2004-03-21 15:19

Hi, Do you know where I can find any info on a Stax Gamma Electrostatic Headphone. And also a SRD6/SB driver unit.I picked one up yesterday from a local audio dealer. He was cleaning up his shop and found them. He sold them to me for $300 - new in box.. Do you know what the retail is for this model.


Scott J.2004-03-21 15:20

I think the original price on the Stax Gamma\'s with the SRD-6SB adaptor was around $400. When I was auditioning headphones in 1988 I thought the Lambda\'s were far superior. The Lambda\'s with the SRD-7SB adaptor was $580 at the time. I bought my Lambda\'s on 1/10/1998 and still have them today. Scott J.

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