SRD-7-SB, owners manual needed

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Carl2004-03-21 15:21

Hello, I Am in need of an owners manual for the SRD-7SB headphone combo. Purchased this system, and really don`t know how to hook it up, as was told it was ready to plug into preamp, all I can see is that there is a gray cable coming out of amp with 4 color coded bare wires, and also only see 4 hook ups for L & R + - terminals. Any help or info would be appreciated. Thanks. Carl


Scott J.2004-03-21 15:21

The SRD-7-SB earspeaker adaptor does NOT connect to your pre-amp. It must be connected directly to your speaker output terminals. The cable needs to be connected to the amplifier and the terminals on the back of the SRD-7 connect to your speakers. The switch on the front of the adaptor switches between earspeakers and the speaker terminals on the back. The wires on the gray cable connect as follows. Red-Right +, Black-Right-, White-Left+, Green-Left-.

If you are using this adaptor with Electrostatic earspeakers you will need to turn the volume way up on the amplifier to charge up the bias circuit. If you don\'t the volume will be really low. If you are listens to music softly you may notice the volume slowly decreasing and will need to occasionally turn the volume way up to charge the bias circuit again.

If you need a copy of the SRD-7SB manual I can scan my copy and send it to you. Send me an email Scott J.

Vrata2015-06-10 11:32

Hi,I have the same problém,I am searching for manual for SRD-7SB.Would you help me with this,please? Thanks A very lot VRATA

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