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Andy Mansker2004-02-23 22:21

I recently purchased a pair of Acoustat 2+2 with the MK 121-2A interface. I have pulled the dust covers for cleaning and I wonder if you can advise me on any mods that should be done while the covers are removed. Someone suggested using a hair dryer on the Mylar to remove sag. Please advise. I\'m also interested in modifications to the frame and interface.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

A hair drier can be used to re-tension the Mylar diaphragm if necessary, but this is rarely required. One of the hallmarks of Acoustat design was the long-term stability of panel construction (and hence the lifetime warranty!) I would not recommend this procedure unless you have experienced a rattling or flapping noise on bass notes.

There is very little else that can be done to the panels themselves. I would suggest tightening the mounting screws for the panels. You could perhaps inspect the connecting wires for any obvious arcing or burn marks (also very rare). You might see some dark areas on the wires, but this is usually just an accumulation of dirt caused by electrostatic attraction. If the cube structure of the panels is dusty, a careful vacuuming of both sides is a good idea.

The most obvious modification to the interfaces is the Medallion Transformer Modification. You may already have this: see my Technical Bulletin ”Acoustat Medallion Transformer Modification” to determine if you do. Unfortunately, this modification is no longer available. You may want to consider replacement of some components and wiring with better types, but some of the parts are rather difficult to obtain. There are some notes on modifications elsewhere in this site. I\'ve haven\'t seen any that are harmful or wrong, but some are of questionable economic/sonic benefit. Be careful: there is a lot of mystery (and hence misinformation) regarding electrostatics out there.

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