2 plus 2, Interfaces, transformer info needed

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Ronald Hicks2004-02-23 22:21

When I acquired my 2+2\'s in 1995 (used) they were set up with the low frequency transformer tap at maximum (the configuration for the 1+1\'s). At the time, I didn\'t have any info or even know about the inner workings of the interface, so I assumed it was normal. The system seemed to be overly heavy in the bass until I repositioned them in the room. Now everything is great! I tried the \'normal\' tap and after several years of listening on the extended tap, the system seemed bass shy, so I went back to my original configuration. You might want to suggest others try this (if I remember, it\'s the red wire). I also sent one of the interfaces back to Rockford for a rebuild and it came back with a new transformer set that way too. Question is: what is the \'normal\' configuration for the 2+2.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

For Acoustat speakers with the MK-121-X interface, the low frequency tap is set according to the standard resistor color code, as follows:

2-Red - 2 panels - Model 2, 1+1 - maximum bass boost
3-Orange - 3 panels - Model 3 - medium bass boost
4-Yellow - 4 panels - Model 4, 2+2 - minimum bass boost

Setting the low frequency tap according to the number of panels will yield a nominally flat low frequency response. However, due to room conditions and personal taste, this tap may be set on any position. No harm will result in setting a speaker on a tap other than intended by the factory.

The interface you had repaired was returned to you on the Red position, because that is the standard position for final electrical tests. All new interfaces were shipped on the Red tap, regardless of the model speaker.

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