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Ronald Hicks2004-02-23 22:21

After some thinking and experimentation, I decided to set the low frequency transformer tap on my 2+2\'s to the \'normal\' yellow position and after some extensive listening, am very pleased with the sound. It seems changing from the red tap cleared up much of the overly heavy bass I had gotten used to and even brought the midrange into better focus.

You say any tap can actually be used without harm, depending on taste, room acoustics etc., but I\'m wondering if using a set of 2+2\'s in the red position overly taxes the transformer - trying to drive extra current through the four panels. I used to blow fuses quite often, but now find I can play the system at high volumes without the rattling I experienced before and without blowing fuses. I also \'lost\' one of the transformers two years ago suspect several years of extra bsss may have contributed to its demise. My questions are: How much of a difference (db?) is there between the three settings on the low frequency transformer!?

Do any of my observations have any merit? The interface schematic shows the yellow tap as having the least step up, while the red has the most. Checking a few formerly \'problem\' CD\'s, I find all the bass is there, albeit at a lower leverl, but more in perspective with the rest of the frequency spectrum. Incidentally, when I was the chief engineer of a local radio station, the transmitters high voltage transformer expired and I had a replacement custom wound since the manufacturer was out of business. Rockford Fosgate replaced my low frequency transformer, but since parts are no longer available. I asked the same firm that did my custom work if he could do the same with the Acoustat product. The company is AC Transformer Corp, 89 Madison St., Newark, NJ 07105 www.actransformer.com and the owner (Bob) said he could either repair the old one or wind a replacement. I was impressed with the quality of his product, service and price and I include this information for other Acoustat owners looking to get transformers or interfaces repaired.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

It is true that the yellow tap provides the least bass boost, the red tap the most bass boost, and the orange tap provides a medium amount of bass boost. I don\'t remember exactly, but I think there is about 2 - 3 dB difference between each tap.

It is also true that the impedance (as seen by the amplfier) will go down for a greater amount of bass boost. So, it is more likely for fuses to blow on the red tap than on the yellow tap. However, I would hardly call this ”taxing” on the transformer. Your failed transformer was probably not due to being set on the ”wrong” tap.

Thanks for the information on AC Transformer, and the possibility that they can make replacement transformers for Acoustat. This is good information. My only point of caution is to make sure they realize that this is high-voltage audio transformer, and to pay close attention to the interleaving of the windings. This is particularly important if it is a Medallion transformer. If the new transformer is not wound exactly the same, using the same insulating materials, then it will not sound right.

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