2 plus 2, Various, schematics needed

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Lorne Elder2004-02-23 22:21

I have Acoustats 2+2 model MK 121 2A speakers for about 16 years. Have no schematics. Can someone help me regarding upgrading? Opened the interface and made a rough schematic but some components were not identified. Would greatly appreciate any information or help.

PS: I read Sam Kurutz\'s report on his upgrading and was much encouraged.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

An owner\'s manual is now posted on this site, which includes schematics. You have a slightly older version of interface, but it should be very similar to the schematics shown.

Some upgrades are possible, especially for older interfaces. Monster Cable was used for a while at Acoustat, but unfortunately this oxidized badly over the years. Replacing this might not yield any sonic improvement, but it might be worth doing for peace of mind.

Besides the wiring, the only modifications I would suggest involve replacing existing components with higher quality parts. These can be difficult to obtain, especially for the high voltage parts. What I would suggest against, however, is any modification that changes the original schematic. I have seen some suggested modifications (even posted on this site) that are of questionable value and/or dangerous to the speaker, amplifier or operator

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