2 plus 2, Identification needed

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Ron Vanover2004-02-23 22:21

A friend of mine recently bought a pair of Acoustats from a friend of his in Atlanta. Neither of them have a clue about specs or even model of the pair. These things are 8 feet tall, 2 inches thick and 2 feet wide (est. dims.) The transformer is an Acoustat mk-121-2a. That is all the information I have execpt that they are fairly old, 10 - 20 years maybe. Any info you have would be most appreciative. Thank you.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

From your description, you have a Model 2+2 with the MK-121-2A transformer interface.

An owner\'s manual for the 2+2 is available on this site, listed as the ”Model 1, 1+1, 2+2 and 3 Owner\'s Manual”. The specified dimensions of the Model 2+2 are 94 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 3-1/2 inches thick. The manual shown is for the later MK-121-B interface, so there will be slight differences in physical mounting and electrical schematic of the interface. However, the bulk of this manual, including specifications, will still apply to your speakers.

Make sure to browse the other questions and answers in section 2.5 (part I and part II) of Andy Szabo\'s Q & A. The 2+2 was and still is a very popular model, and there is much additional information provided there.

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