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Mathieu Soumireu2004-02-23 22:21

Dear Andy, I\'m currently re-furbishing a pair of Acoustats 1+1. But I noticed that the low voltage frequency filter (before the transformer) of the upper electrostatic cell does not correspopnds to the electric diagram of the manual :

Capacitors are 47mF Electrolytic + 10 mF + 0.01 mF instead of 220mF + 10mF + 0.01mF

Can you indicate to me if these Speakers been modified ? Thanks you, Mathieu Soumireu


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Good News! The capacitor values you listed indicate that your interfaces have the ”C” modification, which was the latest version produced at the Acoustat factory. This almost certainly means that you also have the Medallion transformers. (More good news!) You can tell for sure by looking at the outer wrapping of the two audio transformers: if the wrapper is black, then they are Medallion transformers.

The ”C” modification changed the configuration of the high-pass/high-frequency balance control circuit, resulting in lower high frequency distortion, and reducing the likelihood of saturation of the HF transformer. A schematic for the ”C” version is available on this site. See ”Modifications, MK-121-2(A) Medallion \'C\' Modification.”

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