1 plus 1, Interfaces, sparks?

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James Gaines2004-02-23 22:21

Hay need help. I have acoustat 1+1 medallion speakers. The board we\'er the wiring go\'s to - there\'s a black like rail solder to the board sparks when the music is up. Do you of any one can fix this, or tel me how to repair this. James Gaines.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I can\'t be sure from your brief description, but it sounds like you are experiencing a high-voltage breakdown of one of the 50,000-ohm, 50-watt resistors. These resistors are of a tubular ceramic construction, about 9/16” (14 mm) diameter by about 4” (102 mm) long. They are usually dark gray in color, although that may vary. There are two per interface, and they are soldered to the edge of the printed circuit board.

If this description matches where you are seeing the problem, then it is easy to replace these resistors. They are available from Mouser Electronics @ www.mouser.com, their part number 588-L50J-50K. They are $9.90 each, and they are showing ”in stock” at the time of this writing. As a precaution, I suggest you replace all four resistors at one time. After replacement, make sure that no wires are touching the bodies of the resistors.

I suggest against attempting to replace these resistors with the premium metal-bodied resistors that are popular with audiophiles. Due to the high-voltage application, and the way they are soldered to the board, the resistors should be replaced with the same type as originally used.

If I have not guessed accurately as to the nature of your problem, please write again with a more detailed description. A sketch or photo would help a lot!

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