1, Various, MK-141-C, values?

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Rashaud Williams2004-02-23 22:21

I have a pair of MK-141-C What is the value them. I would like to know the RMS rating on them and can I hook up any subwoofer to them.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I\'m not sure what information you are seeking, but I suspect that you think that there is a subwoofer power amplifier inside the MK-141C. There is not.

The MK-141C is the designation for the interface electronics for the Acoustat Model One hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker. The ”interface” is the high-voltage bias power supply and audio step-up system. The Model One is a three-piece system: two ESL panels each with an MK-141C interface, and a mating, non-powered subwoofer. The crossover for the woofer is contained inside the woofer cabinet. Therefore, the signal from the amplifier merely passes through the MK-141C (via the fuse), and is fed full-range to the subwoofer.

To use a different subwoofer with the Model One, it must have its own crossover. It can be a self-powered subwoofer, or a non-powered unit, driven from the same amplifier as the ESL speakers. You can use a single woofer cabinet that sums left and right channels (as original), or one cabinet for each channel. This will depend upon which subwoofer you choose. I do not have any brand or model recommendations.

In any case, the woofer crossover needs to roll-off at -12 dB/octave, starting at approximately 150 Hz. Due to the second-order crossover, you will probably want to connect the woofer out-of-phase for best results.

Stephen2018-03-06 03:01

Hi, will the MK-141c be able to power the 1&1 as well as the model 1?

Separate 8” subs will function separately up to 100hz

Stephen2018-03-06 04:01

My question is that I want to use the mk-141c on the 1&1s. Not the model 1.
Should this be a good match, just like with the model 1? I’m using electronically
crossed over sub at 110hz at 24db slope

Acoustatanswerman2018-04-23 02:45

Yes, the MK-141 is compatible with the Model 1+1. In fact, Acoustat made a model called the "1+1S" that used the MK-141 interface and a single passive woofer. Using active crossovers and a powered woofer would be a better approach. However, I would recommend a crossover point somewhat higher than 110 Hz: the MK-141's natural roll-off is closer to 150 Hz.

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