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Dan2004-02-23 22:21

What was the model of the roughly 5 foot high by 2 foot wide model acoustat planar speakers with the individual amps on the base? Seems the amps were Hafler or was it Rockford Fosgate? Dan


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

From your dimensional description, I believe you have an Acoustat Model Two, or possibly a Spectra 22 or Spectra 2200. All of these models contain two of Acoustat\'s standard ESL panel, mounted side-by-side. All of these models were approximately two-feet wide.

The black box on the rear is not an amplifier. It contains the transformer step-up system, plus a 5000-volt power supply necessary for the speaker\'s operation. A separate amplifier is required to drive these speakers.

If the black box (called the “interface” in Acoustat terminology) has the model number MK-121, then it is almost certainly a Model Two. If the model number of the interface is MK-2123, then it is a Spectra 22 or 2200. The only difference between the Spectra 22 and Spectra 2200 is cosmetic: internally they are the same. The Spectra 2200 has wood strips with brass inlays along the edges of the speaker: the Spectra 22 lacks this cosmetic touch.

It is true that Acoustat did make speakers with a built-in amplifier, but that was limited to the very earliest of models, and I believe they were all three-panel systems (and therefore about three feet wide). Those amplifiers are easy to identify, since they have a perforated metal cover, with large vacuum tubes visible inside. All of the transformer interfaces made by Acoustat use a solid metal chassis.

If the interfaces have any reference to the David Hafler Company, or Rockford Corporation, they are definitely transformer interfaces. Acoustat\'s speakers with the built-in amplifier were long discontinued before either Hafler or Rockford assumed ownership of Acoustat.

Additional information about all of these models is available on this site.

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