2, Output, bass peak at 75 Hz

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Tony Fitchett2004-02-23 22:21

Hello Andy. My Acoustat 2s have a bass peak at 75 Hz - quite narrow and there even at low levels. A friend with 2s has exactly the same problem. Friend has another pair of 2s which are OK ( no boom) and also a pair of 3s which are OK. My bass xformer is wired to the red lead, as you indicate in one reply which I have just noticed. I guess the 75 Hz is diaphragm resonance. I have tried damping with silicone blobs without any change. Any ideas, other than going 2 way with a 100 Hz crossover and a subwoofer ? Cheers Tony


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I haven\'t heard of this problem before, so my answer will be a guess. Since you have heard a pair of Model 2\'s without this problem, we can assume that this is not a problem with the original design of this speaker. I\'m not surprised that your attempt at fixing the problem with silicon did not work: the silicon would not likely affect frequencies that low (hope you didn\'t put it on the diaphragm!).

My first attempt at solving this problem would involve experimenting with room placement. Bass boom (for any type speaker) can be radically affected by room placement. Try moving the speakers closer or farther away from the walls or corners.

Amplifier choice can also have some effect on bass boom. Amplifiers with poor damping factor can make some speakers exhibit booming, or exaggerated bass. This is probably even more so for low impedance speakers, like Acoustats.

My final suggestion (short of your idea of crossing over to a subwoofer) would be to move the low frequency tap to the orange or yellow position. True, this will reduce bass output, but the overall effect might be better. This might even be the easiest of the possible fixes, so you might want to try this first!

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