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Lee Sulka2004-02-23 22:21

I am considering modifying my Acoustat model 3s into a 2+2 configuration with some spare panels I have. In order to do this I need to add some length to the red, blue, and white wires that supply the panels. Do you know of a source for this wire or do you have any suggestions for alternatives? Thanks again, Lee.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Newark Electronics (www.newark.com) has a wire that I think would work okay. Their part number 05F1285, it is 22 gauge silver-plated copper wire, with type R790 silicon insulation rated for 20-kV. It\'s not cheap: $126 for a 100-foot roll. This wire is white, so you\'ll need to color-code it with colored markers, tape, or shrink tubing.

All splices should be soldered and insulated with a double layer of heat shrink tubing. Stagger the splices so that no two splices are directly next to each other.

A note to all you ”wire-nuts” out there: I DO NOT recommend the use of this wire for the wholesale ”upgrade” of the wiring from the panels to the interface. There is no advantage in making such a change. This wire is to be used only when the existing wires are too short and must be extended, as in the project mentioned above.

Please note that the Spectra 44/4400 frame drawing shown on this website is NOT the same as the 2+2 frame. Both contain four panels, but the 2+2 holds the panels at a slight angle (9 degrees?) for proper dispersion.

This sounds like a great project. Have fun!

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