3, Grille cloth, how to remove

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Harvey Dent2004-02-23 22:21

Greetings Andy, and thanks for your valuable advise (all of which I have carefully read). I am in the process of changing the grill choth on my Slimline Series Model 3\'s, but my problem is that I have been unable to separate the speaker panel frame section from the wood decorative base (on which the interface mounts) so I can remove/replace the staples holding the fabric. I have removed all the hardware that I can find between these two sections, but nothing will budge in the least. Could they be glued together? Hopefully you know how this model of Acoustat was assembled and can point me in the right direction. Harvey Dent


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Have you removed the metal plate(s) on the rear and/or bottom of the speaker to check for attaching hardware? I have a vague recollection that the panel assembly had wood prongs that slid into the base section. It is possible that it is just a press-fit. At that point in Acoustat\'s history, I think enough experience would have been gained, so that speakers would have designed for easy replacement of grille cloth. So I can\'t imagine that the base would have been glued on (but I can\'t say for sure).

Sorry I\'m not much help on this model. These were out-of-production by the time I joined Acoustat. I saw many styles of interfaces for obsolete models (mostly during the Medallion Modification program), but the panel assemblies rarely came back for repair. That\'s a good thing, but it means that I\'m not that familiar with some of the older panel assemblies.

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