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Michel Gauthier2004-02-23 22:21

HI, I have Acoustat speakers but I dont\'n know the model. These speakers are 28,5” X 70” The interfaces amplifiers are # MK121-B And my problem is that one of the speaker is playing louder than the other I must use the balance to center my sound. Did you notice a problem like this before ? Michel Gauthier, Quebec, Canada.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

From the dimensions you provided, and the interface model number, I believe you have a late-production Model 3. This is a full-range ESL with three panels per speaker. The problem most likely lies in the interface, and not the ESL panel. Just to make sure, try swapping the interfaces from one speaker to the other. If the interface is defective, then the problem will move to the other speaker.

If the speaker plays too low in level for all frequencies, then the problem is most likely in the bias power supply. If only lows are lacking, then the low-frequency transformer (or one of its associated components) is defective. If only highs are lacking, then the high-frequency transformer (or one of its associated components) is defective.

If you determine that the panel is at fault, then likely only one of the three panels is defective. These usually can\'t be repaired, so you\'ll need to find a replacement on the used market.

Write again if you need further help in isolating the defective component.

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