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Pete Karreman2004-02-23 22:21

I own a pair of Acoustat Model 3\'s (vintage approx.. 1982) and am looking for some ideas about speaker placement. Room is 26\' deep and 14\' wide, and is divided into a listen and an office section. My listening chair is about 12\' from the wall behind the speakers. The speakers are 40” from the back wall and 21” from the side walls, angled in so that their axis cross just behind my head.

I really love these speakers for what they do really, which is well is disappear sonically, but I am getting frustrated with placing these bastards. Every minute change totally alters the sound. There might just be one unexplored square inch in my room that would catapult me into audio ecstasy. Do any owners or past owners of Acoustats have any suggestions?


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I invite you to visit the ESL Information eXchange website. Please read the Setup page for helpful hints.

I recommend focusing the panels at your listening position--where your ears are. Place a flashlight or laser pointer on top of your head and point the beam at the center of each speaker. Have an associate rotate each speaker until the reflection can be seen in the center of each.

In addition to toeing in the left and right speakers, it is important to have them the same distance from the focal point. If the left and right speakers are off by as much as an inch, it will significantly degrade high frequency performance.

The greater the angle of a speaker to the rear wall, the closer it can be placed to it, although 40” should be just fine. I hope this is of help. Barry Waldron

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