4, Various, schematics needed

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Mario Poirier2004-02-23 22:21

I own a pair of Acoustat model 4 for over 15 year now. I bought them in an auction in a closing store. I paid them $500.00 brand new. I haven\'t listen to a better speaker yet. I have killed a Radford 100 with them but now I am using a Nakamichi Pa7ll ( Statsis system) witch as a lot of current reserve.

In those years, I have remade the cabinet with real wood instead of the original press wood. It did not change the sound but they\'re much nicer to look at. They have given me plenty of delightful listening time.

I also have made a lot of research about the famous \'\' modification\'\' for the MK-121. I found just enough information on your site to tease me. Does anyone have made the schematic or the parts list?


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Rather than answering frequently asked questions directly, I have chosen to write some general documents that will hopefully answer these questions, and provide much needed information to others. Please look at Andy Szabo\'s Technical Bulletins / Acoustat Medallion transformer Modification and Acoustat MK-121 Interface Versions

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