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Lou2004-02-23 22:21

I have discovered several things that may be of interest to you and others.

The cleaning the socks: on mine I had slobber stains from my dog, God knows what all from my boys, and the usual dirt. I tried this, I tried that, and was nearly ready to just toss in the towel and have some made, when I decided to give it one more try using DiDi7, which you might remember from old TV commercials.

Where I run into trouble is stapling and nailing the sock, and the rails back on. Did you use air tools for this? I suspect that you did. Also, I ruined 2 brass pieces prior to figuring out how to get them off. Do you know the source for these, and did they come with double sided foam tape, or did you supply it? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

The brass can be easily removed using cigarette lighter fluid to loosen the glue, be careful as it also softens the paint on the side rails if you get it on them.

Sincerely, Lou


Martin2005-06-26 06:34

In twenty years I\'ve washed the (white) socks on my 1+1s twice. The first disassembly was tedious (carefully extracting each staple), and when it came time to reassemble them I decided to try to make it easier for the next time. So I fitted the sock so as to have just enough material at the top to fold under the top plate, and screwed it down to hold the sock. The other end was a bit trickier, but after some fussing I ended up with the sock held quite snugly by entrapment and no staples. I really, really appreciated this when I had to clean one of them again after a spill a few years later. On that occasion I gave up with one corner of the sock not quite captured, so there\'s a bit of loose cloth at the bottom in one corner. If you\'re the sort to be fussed by such cosmetic flaws, then perhaps you\'d better use the annoying staples; for me, this is the obviously saner way to do it!

Sounds Like New2006-02-28 06:03

When I had my Model Two\'s with the Beige cloth, I used a sponge soaked with hydrogen peroxide 5 percent solution (from the drugstore in the brown bottles, next to the rubbing alcohol) Soak the cloth RIGHT ON THE SPEAKER, thoroughly with the solution. The result I obtained was beautiful and like new, since I had no tears or holes in the fabric. All stains and dirt was gone. Buy several bottle and soak the cloth very well. This will not hurt the panels or frames, but be sure to unplug them from the AC power first. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, try it first on the backside of a speaker and let it dry for a few hours to see the result. Of course, new \"socks\" are available from The Upholstery Company in Mesa Arizona USA (480-898-9521 or 888-994-8273) They have the Acoustat original colors and also custom colors available for all models. !!!! CAUTION !!!! DO NOT TRY THE ABOVE CLEANING METHOD ON ANY BUT THE BEIGE COLOR ACOUSTAT SOCKS. !!!!!!! I now own and very much enjoy ..... Acoustat Model THREE Slimline Medallions, In Black and Teak. Roy A. Esposito The Acoustat Service Company Repairs / Restorations / Upgrades / Modifications soundslikenew@prodigy.net

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