, Difference spectra 11-22 and 1100-2200

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Mathieu Soumireu2004-02-23 22:21

My question is very simple, but Acoustat products are not very well known in France : What is the difference between Spectra 11-22 and Spectra 1100-2200 ? Best regards and bravo for your precious association, Mathieu Soumireu


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The difference between the Spectra 22 and 2200 is purely cosmetic. The 2200 has a solid-wood trim strip around the around the edge of the panel, with an in-laid polished brass strip. Otherwise, the speakers are identical: the ESL panels and electronics (*) are exactly the same. These same comments hold true when comparing the Spectra 33 vs. 3300, 44 vs. 4400, and 66 vs. 6600.

(*) The Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply was introduced during the manufacturing life of the Spectra 22/33/44/66. So, it is possible to encounter a 22/33/44/66 with the older mains-powered bias supply, or with the newer low voltage-powered bias supply. All of the 2200/3300/4400/6600 models were manufactured with the Ultrasonic Supply. In any case, the speakers will sound the same regardless of bias supply. That change was made to create a ”universal” speaker that could be used anywhere in the world.

The differences between the Spectra 11 and 1100 are much more than just cosmetic. Both models use the same ESL panel, step-up transformer, and bias supply. The differences between the two models are significant, and are easiest to present in chart form:

Feature 11

woofer cabinet - particleboard w/plastic laminate
woofer - ”good” 8-inch driver
bi-amp/bi-wire switch - none
hi-freq balance switch - none
panel trim - none
ESL xover capacitor - electrolytic
holes for spiked feet - none

Feature 1100

woofer cabinet - MDF w/wood veneer
woofer - ”excellent” 8-inch driver
bi-amp/bi-wire switch - yes, w/separate woofer inputs
hi-freq balance switch - yes, high/medium/low
panel trim - solid wood w/brass trim
ESL xover capacitor - electrolytic w/polyprop. bypass
holes for spiked feet - four/speaker (1/4”-20 thread)

The Spectra 11 was introduced first. It was intended to be an entry-level system, and in order to keep costs low, it had few features and used few premium materials. Due to a demand for better appearance, features, and low-end response, the Spectra 1100 was introduced. Both models were sold concurrently.

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