Monitor 3, Identification needed

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Joe Cosio2004-02-23 22:21

Dear Sirs, I have owned my Acoustats since about 1986 and have used them almost daily ever since with no problems at all. These speakers have always performed excellently and although they can benefit from using a subwoofer for bass response, they are a very capable performer in the mid range and highs.

I am curious if you can identify this speaker for me as I understand they may be Acoustat Monitor 3 but I am not really sure. These are driven with an old Perreaux 3150b amplifier and Perreaux SM3 preamp ( both New Zealand made equipment. Regards, Joe Cosio, Auckland, New Zealand.

The picture can be found on the pictures page (webmaster)


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The Acoustat model in the photo is a Monitor Three. The Monitor series was a ”transition” product line. For a short time, one could purchase the speaker with either the direct-drive vacuum tube (Servocharge) amplifier, or the newly developed Magne-Kinetic transformer drive. Later, when the Servocharge amplifier was discontinued, the Monitor Series (and all subsequent Acoustat models) was available only with the transformer interface.

Glad to hear that your Acoustat Monitor Three\'s are still providing enjoyment after all these years!

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