Spectra 22, Panels, loose panels

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John Kotches2004-02-23 22:21

Dear Andy, Thanks for all of the great information about Acoustats you\'ve taking the time and effort to get up on the web. I have a couple of questions for you in regards to my Spectra 22s...

Do you need a copy of the Owners Manual for the Spectra 22? Somewhere around my house I have one, and will be happy to ship it off to you in whatever form you need. On to questions about my beloved speakers.....

Over the time of a couple of moves, I\'ve lost the bolts that lock the transformer cage down to the base panel. Do you know the specifications for the bots required? Also, the panels themselves are very loose, ie, the screws no longer hold the panels securely in place. Do you have any suggestions for remedying this problem? Other than this, they\'re holding up very well -- I\'m very pleased with the modest investment I made 12 years ago! Regards, John Kotches


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

A copy of the owner\'s manual would be fantastic! Having an owner\'s manual will help to answer many questions in the future. Please contact this site\'s webmaster for details of posting it on this site.

The bolts used to attach the interface to the frame brackets, and the interface to the wood base, are ¼-20 thread. I don\'t remember the exact lengths: I\'m thinking the interface-to-bracket used ½” long, and the interface-to-base used ¾” or 1” long. You might have difficulty finding the exact head style with the black-oxide finish (which is not critical), but these screws are standard hardware-store items (at least in North America).

You didn\'t say which screws are loose, but I\'m assuming it is the bracket-to-panel connection. These brackets used wood screws for attachment to the frame, and the screws could work loose over time. If a simple re-tightening doesn\'t work, then the screw holes are probably stripped. Sometimes, a small wad of thin paper stuffed into the screw hole will allow the screw to grip and tighten. If that doesn\'t work, there are products available at hardware stores for this purpose. These usually consist of an expandable wood or fiber plug inserted into a hole that has first been drilled out. Be careful drilling into the speaker! If I have guessed wrong about where the problem is, write again!

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