Spectra 6600, Various, mods and upgrades

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Steve Lewis2004-02-23 22:21

I would like to know what are the modifications and upgrades available for the Acoustat Spectra 6600 and what are the best amps and preamp used to drive them. If the Acoustat TNT amp and preamp are a good fit, please let me know if there are any upgrades and modifications available for the amp and preamp, respectively. Thank you, Steve Lewis


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I do not feel that there is anything that can be reasonably done to improve the Spectra 6600. See the schematic posted on this site: all capacitors in the audio path are already high-quality polypropylenes. There are no switches, inductors, etc., as there are in other Acoustat models.

Both the Acoustat TNP preamplifier and TNT-200 amplifier would be fine choices to drive the Spectra 6600, especially since both units should now be available rather inexpensively. Perhaps a better amplifier choice would be the Hafler 9500, which is essentially a modernized and more powerful version of the TNT-200. Both products were designed by Jim Strickland.

Although the TNP was well regarded among audiophiles, it might give you some reliability problems, since it has some components that are subject to overheating. Most of the TNP\'s I saw returned for service were due to heat-damaged parts. You might want to consider the Hafler 915. This unit was also designed by Jim Strickland, but it is a totally different circuit. The TNP is a hybrid transistor/MOSFET design, whereas the 915 is a pure JFET design. Personally, I also prefer the controls and features of the 915 vs. the TNP, but then I should also tell you that I was the project engineer for the 915!

If you like to have components that are ”all of the same family” (in this case all designed by Jim Strickland), then you should definitely consider some of the components discussed above. However, they are by no means the only products suitable for use with the Acoustat 6600.

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