, Servo Charge amplifier, resistor needed

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Len Charlap2004-03-31 18:17

I have been trying to keep my Servo-Charge Amps running and I have a friendly tech helping me. Recently a 6.8 mohm 4w resistor that goes across the 5,000v power supply failed. Apparently Ohmite has a satisfactory replacement in their maxi-mox line (mox-3-136804F), but they tell me nobody in the world has any. They are willing to make them special order, but I have been unable to get a price out of them. Does anyone know an alternate source.


Mike Savuto2004-04-01 19:31

Len, That is an unusual part, but we can supply it to you. We have the original part (only the later black 5%, not the early brown 10% part) removed from amps we have upgraded. We sell them for $5.00@ plus shipping. We can also provide a complete set of high quality 1% replacements of all the high voltage resistors, 10k15w, 10k5w, 500meg, 680k and the 6.8meg. The prices and benefits of upgrading these resistor is discussed in our Upgrade Summary Letter in the \"refurbishment\" of the Acoustat section of the this website. You can contact me at Acoustat@swbell.net if you are interested. Michael Savuto, Analogue Associates, LLC

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